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Big Race Ryan – Introducing Ryan Rocha to the #PRParmy

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider. HANFORD, Calif. (July 31, 2019)- Ryan Rocha is seemingly always ready for the big stage.

The legend was born on Friday night of Speedweek 2018. The week is halfway through, the Restricted class is arguably the most competitive it had ever. The field is littered with Shootout winners, Clay Cup Champions and multi-time track champions. Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park is highly regarded as one of the most technical and challenging race tracks in the entire country.

The saying goes – “if you can win here; you can win anywhere.”

Enter a shy young man who joins the field when the series comes to his home tracks. He’s not expected to win, or even get in the mix. At the beginning of the night he’s just another car from the south filling the field.

Just hours later Ryan Rocha would change everyone’s perspective on him and open the eyes of an entire industry.

Rocha didn’t only win – he waxed the field.

For the first time in his career he was standing on top of the podium as a Micro Sprint winner. Not only was he now a winner, he got the honor of hoisting one of the most coveted trophies in Micro Sprint racing – The wood carved California Bear. Ryan Rocha had officially arrived.

It was off to the races from that point, literally.

He met victory lane again just a week later on night one of the inaugural Jet Bowl Classic at Lemoore Raceway. As incredible as his 2018 season was he kicked his reputation up a notch on a cold January night in Tulsa.

There he was again on the big stage with no expectations, and not on the map of anyone’s radar. It was the Tulsa Shootout, the biggest Micro Sprint Race in existence. Ryan Rocha didn’t need anyone to bid him as a contender. The most important believer in his program is himself.

Not only did he open the eyes of an industry on this night – he dropped their jaws as well.

Rocha started the Restricted main event from the outside of the front row and proceeded to check out. He was gone. The race was his. There was no one in his zip code. He had backed off a bit because he didn’t want to risk navigating lapped traffic. But then he decided it was time to go and that’s when disaster struck.

With just laps remaining in the biggest race of his life Ryan Rocha came down the front straightaway as cars were colliding right in front of him. He had no where to go. In the blink of an eye the biggest opportunity of his life was taken like that. He may not of won, but he certainly solidified himself in the industry as a driver to watch coming through the ranks.

What many people didn’t know, however, was the fact that he broke his foot in that crash. Despite the excruciating pain, he continued. He fought through the pain and finished the race in the 18th position.

That night lead Rocha into the 2019 race season steamrolling with momentum. All season long he has been running double duty in the Stock 600 and Restricted 600 classes. It didn’t take him long to win. On April 12, Race 3 at Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park, Rocha landed on top of the box again. This time he took the checkered for the first time in the Stock class, against drivers from both the Restricted and Super 600 classes.

As the season has continued Rocha currently has 37 features under his belt, 20 in Restricted, 15 in Stock, and two in the open (Super 600) class. Overall he has 26 top 10s, 14 top 5s, 7 podiums, and two wins. His most recent win came at Lemoore Raceway right before Clay Cup.

His last win sparked a decision that lead once again to Ryan doing what Ryan does best – put his best work in on the biggest stage.

Rocha made his Super 600 debut in one of the nations biggest races – The Clay Cup Nationals.

The only goal in mind on the way to Washington was to make the main event in both classes. Once again there were no critical expectations, there was no thought beyond making the show.

Well, it wouldn’t be a Ryan Rocha story if he didn’t blow every single expectation out of the water.

Qualifying gave no real indication of what he was about to do. He qualified 9th in his group

In Open, and 7th in Restricted. Then there were the heat races. He won both of them on prelim night and went directly to both mains.

Things didn’t go as well as he’d hoped in the Restricted feature with a 14th place finish. But when the Open 600 main event took to the track he did it again. He introduced himself to the world. He arrived.

He finished 2nd.

Ryan Rocha finished 2nd in his Super 600 debut, on Prelim night at the Clay Cup Nationals. He advanced to directly to the main event in both classes. He achieved the one goal he had. Unfortunately the finale didn’t pan out with a pair of 11th’s, the damage was done. He again showed that when the stage gets bigger, he gets better.

Ryan Rocha not only finished second in his first career Super 600 race, he did it at one of the biggest races of the year, against the entire fleet of competition that runs at home weekly. Not only did he accomplish all of that, but he did it in a car with a bone stock engine, still on carburetors, and not a single cockpit adjustment inside.

Ryan Rocha is a prodigy in every sense of the word.

Welcome to the team. #PRParmy


Ryan Rocha and the entire Rocha Family would like to cordially thank all of their sponsors for their continued support, and belief in the program.

Quick Results:

Clay Cup Nationals

Prelim Night

Deming Speedway

Friday July 19, 2019

Open 600 (Super 600)

Qualifying: 9th

Heat Race: 1st

Main Event: 2nd

Restricted 600

Qualifying: 7th

Heat Race: 1st

Main Event: 14th

Clay Cup Nationals Finale

Deming Speedway

Saturday July 20, 2019

Open 600

Main Event: 11th

Restricted 600

Main Event: 11th

2019 Season Stats:

Features: 37

Wins: 2

Podiums: 7

Top 5: 14

Top 10: 26

*Open/Super 600 – 2nd in first career start at Clay Cup

On Deck:

Friday August 9, 2019

Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park

Race 7

Visalia, Calif.

Saturday August 10, 2019

Lemoore Raceway

Race 9

Lemoore Calif.

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