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Team Snap-On – Beyond the Track: Mitchel Moles

Commitment to Quality

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider – Driver Exclusive. RAISIN CITY, Calif. (August 12, 2019) – When you work with nothing but Snap-On tools your commitment to quality is evident.

No matter how long your favorite set of Snap-On’s have been put away you can always count on them to be as strong as ever when you use them again. It’s a lifetime commitment to quality.

That commitment to quality is what makes Mitchel Moles and #TeamSnap-On a perfect fit.

Like your best set of Snap-On’s, Mitchel Moles always brings his best to the job, no matter how long it’s been, and you can always count on his commitment to quality being as thorough as your own.

Just two years ago he thought his racing days were over.

He traded his nights on the track for mornings on the lake. He traded the intense fights to the finish for immense patience waiting on the fish. His goal went from being number one on race night to getting the most fish to bite.

But the bug bit him again.

Before he was the hottest Micro Sprint racer in the country, before he had 28 wins in a single season, before he was a California Speedweek Champion, Mitchel Moles was a 17 year old Bass Fisherman earning a name for himself on the lake.

That was just two years ago.

What a stark contrast between two short years. What hasn’t changed is his commitment to quality. His desire to be as good as your best set of Snap-On’s no matter how long it’s been is what’s come to define him.

The second coming goes back to that pivotal time two years ago. When his fishing schedule would allow, he’d show up at the races. He dabbled with working on the Cars of a friends team. But it gradually became more serious.

Soon Moles was at the races nearly every week. He was a dedicated member of the team, and the team kept winning. Winning is contagious. All of the sudden watching someone else win became less and less appealing. All of the sudden that hunger and drive to be the one standing in victory lane resurfaced.

Before he knew it the flame was rekindled. Mitchel Moles couldn’t stand on the sideline any longer. After two years out of a race car he pulled trigger.

The comeback was on.

After two years out of the seat it only took a matter of weeks for Moles to establish himself as a front runner. By his own account he was actually better when he returned then when he stepped away.

The biggest factor in his successful adjustment in returning to the seat was gaining a better understanding of the car. Moles took a liking to working on the cars and it fed his desire to get back in one. Moreover, it changed his perspective and made him a better driver before he even strapped back in to car.

At the end of the 2017 Moles met his turning point. He had the confidence, he’d shown the speed, but it was time to put it all together – and he did.

At Dixon Speedway’s 2017 Lonnie Kaiser Memorial, Mitchel Moles had his breakout performance. He drove his way to a podium performance. That was his turning point. It only took six races to become a prominent threat for wins not only a threat but a favorite.

He came in 2018 swinging. He was ready to win. There was one driver in his sights. He wanted to beat Tj Smith. Smith was the imminent favorite for the season, the reigning champ.

As the weeks went by in the early part of 2018 Moles got closer and closer. He earned his first victory in three years at Lemoore early In the season. By mid season Moles and Smith were clearly the class of the field. When the Budweiser Outlaw Nationals rolled through Plaza Park Moles gave the world a glimpse of what was to come.

On night one of Plaza Park’s premier event, Moles accomplished a major goal of his. Not only did he take the non wing victory that night – he took Super 600 as well. It was the first class sweep of his career. Looking back, it was the first of many.

However it was another night at Plaza that proved to be a defining performance.

He did it.

He beat the champ. He beat the champ in a heads up, wheel to wheel, 30-lap crusade to the finish. He drove a perfect race. He answered every move Smith went to make, he reacted instinctively, and perfectly. It was that night Moles elevated into the elite echelon.

From that point Moles teamed up with the crew chief who has fostered the animal instinct, natural talent and elite ability within the quiet and humble young man. Almost a year into his comeback Mitchel Moles was paired with Shawn Smith and he debuted with TEN-J Chassis.

The final months of 2018 Moles raised the bar again, and again, and again. He started building an insurmountable amount of momentum. He dominated the competition at the California Cup in Lemoore.

As the season came to a close he had one more page of history to rewrite. More specifically he had a page of history that stood for more than seven years he wanted to change.

Mitchel Moles and his TEN-J Chassis went out for qualifying at Plaza Park on Turkey Night and obliterated the seven year standing track record.

Since his comeback kicked off he’s displayed a superior commitment to quality. The time away had no baring. He’s done nothing but deliver the best he has to offer. Since that first time back out on the track he has been building toward being the nations top driver. He’s been committed fulfilling the quality of his potential.

Joe W. Lewis shares Mitchel Moles’ commitment to quality.

Just two short years ago Mitchel Moles was on a boat, reelin In live fish to record and release. Today he’s back in a race car reelin in any fish who finds their way in front of him no matter how big their pond is.

Like your best set of Snap-On’s put away for a while, there was no question they’d be as strong as ever when you needed them most.

When you’re committed to quality every job is a good job.

No matter how much time Mitchel Moles spent trying to catch the big fish in the small pond – when he returned to racing his commitment to quality made him the big fish in a big pond.

Mitchel Moles and #TeamSnap-On

Committed to Quality.

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