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Mauldin Earns MHM Title with 11th Win of 2019

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider. Driver Exclusive- SACRAMENTO, Calif. (September 26, 2019) -> Lucas Mauldin earned his 11th win of 2019 by way of picking up the Third Annual Mark Hagopian Memorial Junior Sprint title last weekend at Keller Auto Raceway.

Saturday nights victory represents his 11th win of the season, his third win at Plaza Park, and quite possibly his biggest victory to date. Mauldin has been present at each of the Mark Hagopian Memorial races prior to this year. In 2017 he came home 8th. In 2018 he improved to 6th. I’m 2019 he jumped all the way up to the top spot.

He’s been on fire this season.

In all Mauldin has a win at Dixon, three wins at Plaza, and seven wins along with a comfortable points lead on the verge of closing the title at Delta. The consistency of the 55x is ever apparent with numbers alone. In 23 features he has 23 top tens. Alongside 23 top tens he boasts 19 top fives. All of his top fives have actually been top three’s, making 19 podiums. But perhaps the title that will stand out among the rest will be his Mark Hagopian Memorial Championship.

Not only did he win when it counted most, he had to put in two valiant charges to even make it happen. Lucas Mauldin will forever remember #MHM19 starting with the preliminary night. Right off the start things were chaotic. He and the car starting next to him made contact and the night one feature took off looking like a destruction derby. After gathering it back in, and losing a ton of ground, Mauldin put his down and his foot to the floor.

After escaping several close calls, and narrowly missing trouble caused by those around him, Mauldin started moving up the leader board. As the laps wound down the 55x was climbing higher and higher on the board. Before anyone realized there was less than five laps to go the 55x was in contention for the podium. He found his way past second and even challenged for the lead before it was all said and done.

He came up just shy Friday night. His second place finish was good enough to earn his 18th podium of the year to that point but it was ever apparent he wanted more by his podium interview. He believed he could win. Come Saturday night he would put that confidence on display with another charge to the front. Only this time he would not be denied.

Night two started off one position lower on the qualifying charts with second quick. But it didn’t faze him. He earned another second in his heat but his focus was already shifted to the main event.

Early in the going of the 20-lap feature Mauldin looked to be the runner up on the night. The leader was checked out, he sat comfortably in second, and laps seemed to be clicking by. Then there was a caution. All of the sudden a new light of hope beamed over the 55x.

On the impending restart he showed a wheel to the leader and forced his way in. As the two came down the back stretch the 55x took the advantage fair and square, clean as a dish washed in dawn. He never looked back. Lucas Mauldin went from looking like the sure fire second place guy, to seizing the momentum, overtaking the top spot, and taking it all the way to the checkers.

Lucas Mauldin drove past the checkered flag to become the Third Annual Mark Hagopian Memorial Jr Sprint winner. He now becomes only the second different driver to earn that title, and will forever be recognized as the 2019 MHM champion.

His MHM win also comes on the heels of perhaps his most important race of the season. Next weekend Lucas Mauldin heads to Delta Speedway for the season finale holding a 53 point advantage in the Jr Sprint standings. Only one points race remains between Lucas Mauldin and his first career title.

After 11 victories and 19 podium finishes – At the end of next weekend Mauldin has the chance to become the 2019 Delta Speedway Jr Sprint Champion. Should he earn the crown it will forever compliment his 2019 Mark Hagopian Memorial Jr Sprint Championship. Above all else, those two titles will forever symbolize the season he’s had. It’s been a season filled with Championship worthy charges, top level consistency, and a never give-up attitude that has put him in this position.

Only one race sits between Lucas Mauldin and the ultimate crown. The 55x rolls onto Delta Speedway next weekend with hopes of rolling off as a champion. Will he find his forever place in Delta History ?

Don’t miss a second of the action by following all the results and details on Lucas Mauldin and his charge toward a title on Prodigy Race Promotions on Instagram and Facebook and with the official Driver Exclusive recaps right here on Sprint Car Insider. #PRParmy

Everyone involved with Mauldin Racing also wanted to sincerely thank all of the teams sponsors. Because without: D1Chassis, K&T Truck Repair, Driven performance, Gr moto, Performance powder coating & sandblasting, Mcr Engines, micro sprint mart, Holdin out fabrications, the dream season wouldn’t be a reality.


Quick Results:

Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park

Mark Hagopian Memorial

Night One

September 20, 2019

Lucas Mauldin #55x

Jr Sprint Class

•Qualifying: 1st

•Heat Race: 3rd

•Main Event: 2nd

Quick Results:

Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park

Mark Hagopian Memorial

Night Two

September 21, 2019

Lucas Mauldin #55x

Jr Sprint Class

•Qualifying: 2nd

•Heat Race: 2nd

•Main Event: 1st

On Deck:

Saturday October 4, 2019

Delta Speedway

Race 14

“Season Finale”

Lucas Mauldin would like to cordially thank all of his sponsors for their continued support, and belief in the program.

Special Thanks to: D1Chassis, K&T Truck Repair, Driven performance, Gr moto, Performance powder coating & sandblasting, Mcr Engines, micro sprint mart, Holdin out fabrications

Season Stats:

Lucas Mauldin #55x

Jr. Sprint:

Features: 23

Wins: 11

Podiums: 19

Top 5: 19

Top 10: 23

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