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Half Down – One to Go. Bettencourt Crowned Plaza Champion

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider. VISALIA, Calif. (October 4, 2019)- Bryson Bettencourt has officially completed half of his 2019 season objective.

With four wins, five podiums, and season-low finish of fourth place, Bryson Bettencourt has been crowned the 2019 Keller Auto Raceway Super Stock Champion.

Making his transition out of the Restricted Class Bettencourt showed that he would be a player strait out of the gate. He finished on the podium in the Budweiser Outlaw Nationals opener and found victory lane by round four. On his way to the title he never finished outside of the top five and even managed to string together three strait victories.

However his objective is just half complete.

The Lemoore Raceway Stock class Championship still hangs in the balance. Although he holds an 84 point lead heading into the finale last weeks results show he’s going to have to execute a mistake-free night to be certain of championship glory.

Last weekend at Lemoore Bryson qualified second and got second in his heat. He looked to have all things going in the right direction headed into the main event. But things didn’t pan out. Once again he got pushed deep on the start, missed the moisture going into one, and never regained his form. In the end he settled for fifth. Thankfully for his sake, up to this point his finishes have built a cushion comfortable enough to sustain such nights and not dent his points lead too significantly.

However it’s the finale up next, it’s for all the marbles.

Top fives aren’t bad, but they aren’t desired either when your title rival is picking up the pieces, and the victories. Not to mention Lemoore’s finale next Friday is also double points. Double points potentially presents another entire category of variables. It’s going to take a strong execution all night but the end offers the chance for Bryson to be a dual-track Champion, and the undisputed best stock class racer in central California.

He’ll also have two validating facts to hang his hat on and build confidence from going in. First – his performance in his Super 600 debut at the Mark Hagopian Memorial showed incredible promise. Being one of the only cars with a stock engine, and definitely the only one with a smaller wing and making the main event strait out of the heat race like Bryson did on night one, is a milestone accomplishment. Bettencourt held his ground the entire time. He proved to the class that he’s ready to hang with them, even at a disadvantage. His Super 600 success speaks volumes about the capabilities of the driver of the 15B.

Lastly, the other element to build confidence from is the news that was just broken right here. Bettencourt has officially been crowned the Stock Class Champion at Plaza. That feat officially accounts for half of his seasons goals. There is no longer an unknown element of what it takes to become a champion. He’s done it.

The Keller Auto Raceway Stock 600 Championship is already wrapped but Lemoore’s still sits on the table. By this time next week Bryson will be staring down the opportunity to be crowned the dual-track champion, and a champion for the second time by nights end.

The run for a second title on the season kicks off next Friday night at Lemoore Raceway for the Budweiser Grand Prix Points Finale.

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Quick Results:

Lemoore Raceway

Race 12

September 28, 2019

Stock 600

Qualifying: 2nd

Heat Race: 2nd

Main Event: 5th

2019 Season Stats:

Features: 23

Wins: 6

Podiums: 14

Top 5: 20

Top 10: 21

Season Low – 6th (Stock)

Points Leader: Lemoore Raceway 799 (+93)

Champion: Keller Auto Raceway 849 (+101)

On Deck:

Budweiser Grand Prix

(Lemoore Points Finale)

Friday October 11, 2019

Lemoore Raceway

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