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Ryan Rocha – Stock Class Standout

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider. HANFORD, Calif. (October 8, 2019)- Ryan Rocha is amidst a breakout season in 2019 as he has burst onto the spotlight as a stock class sensation.

So far this season in 20 Stock main events Rocha has six wins, 10 podiums, 16 top fives, and a perfect 20 for 20 top tens. At one point Rocha had a three race win streak going at Lemoore from Race 8 through Race 10. Even today, he accounts for the last three out of four Stock victories and hasn’t finished worse than third since the month of May.

The season kicked off for Ryan Rocha with the Budweiser Outlaw Nationals at Plaza Park. He came home from that one with two seventh place finishes to get the ball rolling. In his next race at Lemoore he climbed one spot higher taking home the sixth place finish. It wasn’t until his fourth overall race of the year when the floodgates opened.

It was round three at Plaza Park – Rocha came to life.

He qualified sixth that night. He gained some confidence when he started sixth and finished his heat third. He took that confidence into the feature and put it to em. He started the 25-lap affair third and worked his way past the leaders en route to his first win of the season and third career win overall. Rocha would prove to adapt well to the Stock machine.

From that point forward the top fives started clicking away. He came home seventh at Round four in Lemoore on May 11 and hasn’t finished outside of the top five since. He finished the next three races at Plaza with two 5ths and a 3rd before the summer break. Meanwhile over at Lemoore it took three consecutive second place finishes before he broke out.

With good vibes surrounding round eight at Lemoore being that it was almost one year to the date of his second career win at the inaugural Jet Bowl Classic – Rocha got the job done again. He set sail on the field taking his second win of the season in dominating fashion. From there he went to Clay Cup and had his breakout performance in the Outlaw Class and brought the momentum home with him.

When the lights finally came back on at Plaza Park after the summer break Rocha was clearly eager to get back behind the wheel as well. It had been a few weeks since Clay Cup but Rocha still felt the flow. He not only dominated the night at Plaza, he turned around and won his second strait race at Lemoore sweeping the entire weekend. Just two weeks later he found victory lane at Lemoore again to give him three consecutive victories.

The Plaza Park Championship came down to the wire and in the end it just wasn’t enough. However over at Lemoore Rocha has been building steam all season. With just one final points race remaining he’ll enter this Friday’s Budweiser Grand Prix with the shot of becoming a champion. He enters just 84 points out of the top spot. But there’s a caveat.

Lemoore’s Finale is worth double points.

Not only does he have no pressure on him, he brings all the momentum as well. He got the win in convincing fashion, with the fastest lap times, and a substantial margin last time out. He hasn’t finished outside the top three in four months, and he has his name on the last four out of five winners trophies.

The momentum at Lemoore Raceway has stacked in favor of Ryan Rocha just in time.

Friday night the title is on the line.

– • –

The sensational Lemoore Raceway campaign reaches its conclusion:

Friday October 11, 2019

Budweiser Grand Prix

Race 13 – Points Finale

Lemoore Raceway

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Ryan Rocha and the entire Rocha Family would like to cordially thank all of their sponsors for their continued support, and belief in the program.

Quick Results:

Ryan Rocha #5R

September 28, 2019

Lemoore Raceway

Race 12

Stock 600

  • Qualifying: 4th
  • Heat Race: 1st
  • Main Event: 1st

2019 Stock Season Stats:

  • Features: 20
  • Wins: 6
  • Podiums: 11
  • Top 5: 15
  • Top 10: 20

*Open/Super 600 – 2nd in first career start at Clay Cup

On Deck:

  • Friday October 11, 2019
  • Budweiser Grand Prix
  • Race 13 – Points Finale
  • Lemoore Raceway

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