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In House Domination – MCR Engines Rules West Coast Jr Sprint Ranks

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider – Brand Exclusive. BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (October 21, 2019) -> MCR Engines ruled the Jr Sprint ranks up and down the entire west coast in 2019.

As a company MCR racked up over 40 wins this season. In addition the brand drivers earned three track championships, a Clay Cup title at Deming Speedway in Bellingham, Washington, the Show Me Showdown at Sweet Springs Raceway, in Saline County, Missouri, and countless other marquee events. While the drivers added on titles they often found themselves battling each other, making it an In-House battle all year long.

“At the end of the day the expectation is that the engine deliver the same performance,” said Matt Dewing, of MCR Engines. “It’s not about playing favorites and picking one or the other, it’s about delivering the same level of speed that makes them all capable of winning, because when they win, – we win.”

MCR Horsepower picked up the Track Championships at Delta Speedway with Lucas Mauldin. They picked up the Keller Auto Raceway & Clay Cup Championship with Cash Lovenburg. Also, they picked up 18 race wins and the Lemoore Raceway title with Jett Barnes. As a brand, those results are astounding. As an individual- meeting each clients expectations and keeping things cordial as they’re all fierce rivals is a challenge.

However MCR doesn’t see it that way. The bottom line is that each driver under their banner receives the same product, hands down, no matter what. According to MCR it’s a sense of selfishness that keeps things running smoothly. All MCR wants is their engine in victory lane. It’s not sensible to lessen the potential of that happening by taking any advantage away from any driver who bares the brand-name.

In fact, often times the brand sweeps qualifying and occupies the top three steps of the podium. There is no better branding technique better than full scale domination.

The first major title to fall this season was the west coast crown-jewel Clay Cup Nationals. Highlighted first by sweeping night-one qualifying, the Clay Cup has now come home with MCR for the second consecutive year. Night one saw Barnes, Lovenburg, and Mauldin, go one-two-three in time trials. That feat alone speaks volumes about the brands capabilities. Then, in the finale Lovenburg and Barnes drove away from the field to go one-two. Cash Lovenburg earned the second strait Clay Cup title for MCR matching the result earned in 2018 by Dalton the Sheriff Parreira, who also earned 25 wins in his final single season.

Lovenburg went on to win nine main events and the Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park title for the brand. He dominated Plaza all year long and never failed to mention who gave him the horsepower to get to victory lane once. Lovenburg earned the first two major championships of the season for the brand.

The third crown to fall went to Lucas Mauldin at Delta Speedway. On his way to the crown Mauldin picked up 12 overall Victories with eight of them at Delta alone. It was a breakout season for Lucas Mauldin. He had a good 2018, but 2019 saw him elevate his game to a whole new level, and MCR provided the power plant to get there.

The last crown captured went to the driver that dominated everywhere he went all season. Jett Barnes started off his Jr Sprint season by earning a podium at the Tulsa Shootout, the biggest Micro Sprint race in the world. He then went on to capture numerous wins in his Outlaw Kart and 18 in his Jr Sprint. Barnes earned the most wins overall and dominated at Lemoore. He also earned 12 top five finishes in 13 races at Lemoore, all with MCR under the hood.

Taking the dominance to the Midwest Garret Benson picked up the “Show Me Showdown” in the Show Me state of Missouri. Drivers from all over put the MCR logo in victory lane in all corners of the map.

The season for MCR Engines will go down in the Jr Sprint record books forever. With those four titles, and more than 40 victories, MCR may have been the biggest winners of the entire season.

“No matter which of our drivers goes to victory lane, if one of them wins, we win,” said Dewing. “We win because having the variety of drivers and their driving styles provides a multitude of data. The more we learn, the more we can provide our customers.”

At MCR Engines the number on the car perils in comparison to the sticker under the hood. No matter a drivers skill-level, reputation or resume, each client is going to get the same level of service. There is no if, ands or buts about it, the same service for all is the cornerstone foundation for Matt and Clay Dewing’s Racing operation.

MCR Engines is committed to delivering customer satisfaction, every time, all season long, and to each individual who calls.

At MCR Engines it’s not about who wins, – it’s about making sure they all have the equipment to win.

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