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Pahule Shines in Super 600 Debut

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider. Driver Exclusive. BRENTWOOD, Calif. (October 22, 2019) – Jeffrey Pahule Jr stepped his game up big-time in his Super 600 debut at the Lonnie Kaiser Memorial at Dixon Speedway.

Initially Pahule was scheduled to run the Kaiser Memorial in the Restricted class. Fresh off a runner up season in the standings, complete with three wins, eight podiums, twelve top five finishes, and fourteen top tens Pahule was having none of it anymore.

He had already qualified quick time in restricted. But after a 5th place finish in his heat, it left a bad taste in his mouth.

After nine laps in the Restricted 600 main event on night one, he came off the track, hopped out, and said, -“I’m done with this class! Give me my super 600.”

Jeff Sr. Obliged his request and little did anyone know just how ready Jr was. He took the gloves off and came out swinging in the big class. Back in the cockpit of his TEN-J Chassis the 44x was ready to rip, without a Restrictor plate.

He finished third in his first super 600 heat race and took his momentum to the dash, where he won it. In his first-career super 600 main event he may have finished 10th, but on the stop watch, it wasn’t even close. Pahule was the fastest car on track in his first ever Super 600 main.

Things only got even better on night number two.

He qualified ninth quick and had some trouble in the heat. He didn’t get to advance to the dash on night two. However, where his heat race struggles put him lining up for the main event offered a glimpse of what the 44x is made of.

He started the 40 lap super 600 feature from the tail end of the field.

In just his second career super 600 main event Jeffrey Pahule Jr flexed his might. He charged through the field with unyielding determination. He made passes on guys he’s grown up watching. Pahule looked right at home in the super 600 class.

But it was his charge. He refused to lose. At the end of 40-laps he found himself in second, contesting for lead. Jeffrey Pahule Jr and his 44x climbed all the way through the super 600 field to earn a second place finish, in just his second race, at Dixon’s biggest race of the season.

A contender was born. Jeffrey Pahule Jr has arrived in Super 600.

It was a proud parent moment as well.

“I can’t believe he started dead last and finished second,” Jeff Pahule Sr said. “What a proud moment it was, we are so very proud of him and his effort, can’t wait to do it again at Delta.”

That’s right he will be back behind the wheel of his 44x TEN-J Chassis this weekend at Delta Speedway for Turkey Bowl XIX Friday and Saturday night. Dixon went well but now he’s ready to try his hand in the big class at the famed Delta Speedway and it’s most prestigious race of the year.

Turkey Bowl will certainly offer up its challenges but don’t be surprised to see Pahule up near the front. After all he did turn in some of the most consistent results of any competitor, across and class this season.

The action kicks off Friday night.

Don’t miss a second of it by following all the details, updates and results about Jeffrey Pahule jr and his charge towards a title on Prodigy Race Promotions, @PRParmy on Instagram and Facebook. You can also see all of the official Driver Exclusive recaps right here on Sprint Car Insider weekly. #PRParmy

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QUICK RESULTSJeffrey Pahule jr

Dixon Speedway

Lonnie Kaiser Memorial 2

October 19, 2019

Super 600:

Night 2

Qualifying: 9th

Heat Race: x

Main Event: 2nd (+16)

QUICK RESULTSJeffrey Pahule jr

Dixon Speedway

Lonnie Kaiser Memorial 1

October 18, 2019

Super 600:

Night 1


Heat Race: 3rd

Dash: 1st

Main Event: 10th (1 lap time)

Jeffrey Pahule jr and everyone at Pahule Family Racing would like to cordially thank all of their sponsors for their continued support, and belief in the program.

On Deck:

Turkey Bowl XIX

Delta Speedway

October 26-26, 2019

Stockton, California

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Sprint Car Insider



2019 Stats:

36 Features

3 Wins

16 Podiums

23 Top 5s

30 Top 10s


4/13 Dixon 4th

4/27 Dixon 2nd

5/11 Dixon 4th

6/8 Dixon 1st

6/22 Dixon 2nd

Speedweek Dixon 10th

7/6 Dixon 1st

7/13 Dixon 1st

7/27 Dixon 15th

8/10 Dixon 2nd

8/24 Dixon 4th

9/7 Dixon 5th

9/28 Dixon 2nd

10/4 Dixon 2nd

10/12 Dixon 11th

10/18 Dixon 10th

10/19 Dixon 2nd


3/17 Delta 7th

4/6 Delta 2nd

4/20 Delta 6th (+11 spots)

5/4 Delta 3rd (+7)

6/14 Delta 7th

6/15 Delta 3rd (+11)

Speedweek Delta 7th

7/13 Delta 6th (+10)

7/27 Delta DNF 19th

8/3 Delta 2nd (+8)

8/17 Delta 4th

8/31 Delta 4th

9/1 Delta 2nd

9/14 Delta 4th

10/5 Delta 17th


3/22 Plaza 3rd

3/23 Plaza 7th

5/31 Plaza 3rd (+14)

Speedweek Plaza 8th (+6)

9/21 Plaza 17th


6/1 Lemoore 14th

Speedweek Lemoore 3rd (+3)

36 Features

29 Top 10s

19 Top 5s

15 Podiums

3 Wins

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