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Team Snap-On – Season in Review: The Unforgettable Season

Team Snap-On – Season in Review: The Unforgettable Season

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider – Driver Exclusive. RAISIN CITY, Calif. (October 21, 2019) – Mitchel Moles put in a season the history books will never forget in 2019.

After earning 41 wins, in three different classes, four titles, and a renowned reputation as the hottest driver in the sport, 2019 will forever be characterized as unforgettable for the driver out of Raisin City, California.

On his way to earning the California Speedweek Super 600 Championship, Lemoore Raceway Non-Wing and Super 600 Championships, and the Plaza Park Non-Wing 600 title, Moles picked up 41 wins, in 86 features. In addition he earned 31 quick times, 65 podiums, 73 top five finishes and 77 top tens. Of his 41 wins 23 came in the non wing class, 16 in the super 600, and two in the stock class.

It was only two years ago that Moles rekindled his desire to be the best behind the wheel. He bought a car, strapped his helmet back on, and the rest, as they say, is history. It all started in 2018. He checked box after box, beating the best in the land, setting records and piling up sweeps. He came into 2019 swinging.

The very first race of the season Moles offered an indication of what was to come. He earned the first non wing main event win in California and contested hard for the super 600 win that night as well. He came into the Budweiser Outlaw Nationals at Plaza Park with a point to prove.

Moles nearly swept everything that weekend. He put the field away both nights in the stock and non wing classes. It was then that the entire Micro Sprint world became aware of what Mitchel Moles and TEN-J Chassis was capable of this season.

He then went on a terror through the spring and into the summer. By the time California Speedweek rolled around Moles had amassed 19 wins, 35 top fives, and 36 top tens in just 39 starts. He was the clear favorite in both the non wing and super 600 divisions. He did not disappoint.

Speedweek ended with Moles earning the big championship bear in Super 600 and three race win bears through the week.

That was just the halfway point, Moles continued his Micro Sprint blitzkrieg all the way down the stretch.

He went on to claim 22 more victories including five strait double duty sweeps at Lemoore Raceway. Of all the tracks he contested on this season Lemoore was certainly his bread and butter with a staggering 17 victories on the famed 1/5 mile. He picked up 12 wins at Plaza Park, and eight of them came at Delta Speedway. Although his record at Dixon may not be as long he was able to capture a win in every attempt at Dixon Speedway this season.

In 2019 there was no factor that could stop Mitchel Moles on a Micro Sprint surface. He won on all track conditions, on any stage, during every season, and under any circumstance. Not only did he perform under any scenario, he did it consistently. The level of confidence Moles exuded at the races in 2019 carried through and easily became recognized as one of his best traits as a race car driver moving forward.

Off the track he added value to his stock by constantly exemplifying class and character. He would never turn down a young driver looking to chat or turn his back on a potential new fan. In 2019 Moles showed himself to be the perfect candidate for teams and sponsors moving forward.

According to one of his current sponsors, Joe W. Lewis Snap-On out of Brentwood, California, Moles is everything a sponsor looks for in a driver.

“When I sponsor a driver I look much further into than just results,” Lewis said. “With Molesy you get someone who is grateful, hard-working, and overall just easy to work with and fun to be around, that is the kind of driver I like to sponsor.”

Although when you win 47% of the races you entered like Mitchel Moles did in 2019, your performance speaks volumes as well. In addition to four championships Moles will walk away from his Micro Sprint swan song having won nearly half of the races he entered in this single season. It’s a stark contrast to the three wins he had total prior to 2019. His win percentage is staggering but adding to it that he finished inside of the top five in 84% of his starts and in the top ten for 90% of them is mind boggling. Those numbers stand out at any level. No matter what discipline or skill level those numbers are achieved, paints a loud and clear message.

Ever since his switch to TEN-J Chassis and began working with Shawn Smith and Jerrod Huckleberry the animal inside of Moles has been fostered. Those two believed in him, and he believed in himself. Together they nurtured a race winning monster. They nurtured a driver who now sees himself succeeding at the next level.

It wasn’t long ago that Moles would tell you he’d be happy racing micros forever. Those days are long gone. As the trend of progression moves forward so have the goals for the driver of the 01. He saw it, he seized it, and he achieved it in micros.

Now Mitchel Moles will take everything that he has learned form the unforgettable season and apply it at the next level. He sends off his Micro Sprint career with a season no one will soon forget.

He’s proven to everyone – his supporters, his doubters, his family, and his fans, that he has the stuff of legends.

Now he begins his quest to become legendary.

Everyone in the Micro Sprint World would like to wish Mitchel Moles the best of luck and continued success in the next level of his endeavors.

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