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Katey Syra – Raw Speed the Theme of 2019

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider- Driver Exclusive. CORCORAN, Calif. (October 28, 2019) – > In her rookie season Katey Syra drove her number 73 Pace Chassis to second overall in the 2019 Lemoore Raceway Non Wing point standings.

Her rookie campaign yields many of reasons to be extremely confident heading into 2020. The speed she displayed week in and week out at Lemoore Raceway was extraordinary, especially in qualifying.

Syra only raced 20 times in 2019 and she qualified inside of the top ten at 18 of them. That is a staggering 90% of her qualifying attempts. In nine of those attempts she landed inside of the top five, accounting for 45% of her total starts. Furthermore in five of her best attempts she qualified top three. She also did it beyond qualifying this season as well.

She earned 13 top-ten finishes and a pair of top fives. Both of her top fives came at Lemoore Raceway. She first showed her adaptability, and ability to improve in just her second night at Lemoore and her fourth ever non wing attempt. That night she qualified third after being near the bottom of the charts the previous night. After that Syra was able climb six positions in the main event, and come home with fourth-place. That was her first career top five finish in the non wing 600 division.

At the next race at Lemoore she showed her prowess once again. Although it wasn’t an eye popping result on paper, she overcame adversity and once again charged hard. After having troubles and not finishing the heat race she still lined up for the main event. Given the 16th and final starting position she charged forward up to the 11th spot and challenged for the top ten. She showed her ability to stay focused on the task at hand, and not let adversity get the best of her that night.

After a string of top ten finishes and more top five qualifying efforts through the summer she earned her second top five of the season at Round nine from Lemoore Raceway. She was in fire that night. The night started with second in qualifying just two tenths off quick time. She then climbed the ladder in her heat race all the way to third before claiming her second top five with fifth in the main.

Syra clearly gained confidence with that run. She returned to Lemoore a few short weeks later to put up fifth in qualifying. But it didn’t stop there she turned around and let the field have it in her heat race by picking up the win. To top it all off she narrowly missed the top five finishing seventh that night.

Her next race was the Mark Hagopian Memorial at Plaza Park. With some of the best drivers from across the nation on hand she was able to churn up a seventh place qualifying effort. The stop watch indicates that she would have done well in her heat race as well. Unfortunately, Katey lost a motor at a very inopportune time. That didn’t stop her though.

Syra was able to get a new power plant and return the next night to give it another go. She again claimed a top ten qualifying effort timing in ninth. But her heat race was even more impressive. She finished third but clocked the second best lap time. In the main event things didn’t end up how she had hoped after only finishing 20 of the 30 laps but the MHM19 gave her even more confidence as she rounded out her season.

She nearly earned her third top five at Round 12 from Lemoore. She narrowly missed the mark finishing a very close sixth. Once again however, it was qualifying that was most impressive that night. Syra turned in the second fastest non wing time of the evening missing quick time by just five one-hundredths of a second, not tenths, one-hundredths, or faster than a human can blink an eye. Her qualifying efforts this season can be characterized as no less than supremely impressive, and jaw-dropping.

Katey Syra only qualified outside of the top ten twice during her entire rookie season. She clearly has raw speed figured out.

Her performance has earned her the official titles of rookie of the year, and runner-up of the Non Wing 600 championship points standings at Lemoore Raceway.

Katey Syra’s rookie season will forever be characterized by her raw speed and top notch qualifying attempts. She has shown herself to have an exponential amount of potential and as noted in the last piece, her intangible, or unreachable traits, are there in abundance. In addition to her raw speed she didn’t make very many mistakes, no detrimental mistakes at all, she didn’t make enemies, and she showed that she wasn’t scared to mix it up. The only direction Katey Syra is headed into the future is forward.

She has cemented her status as a contender by becoming the second overall point earner in the Non Wing 600 class at Lemoore Raceway. Syra and the team plan to stick with their beloved Pace Chassis heading into the future and expanding on their 20 race schedule. Next season look for the young lady throwing sliders with the best in the business aboard the car they say you’ll either race one or chase one.

After 13 top tens, two top fives, 18 top ten qualifying efforts in just 20 shows, Syra has her sights set on wins. Now that she has a year under her belt Katey Syra says the field will have to chase her Pace if they want wins in 2020.

The future is bright for this queen of Cali.


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#73 Katey Syra

Non Wing 600

Rookie Season

Season Stats:

Features: 20

Top 5: 2

Top 10: 13

Top 10 Qualifying: 18

Top 5 Qualifying: 9

Avg. Qual. Finish: 6th

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