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Top Winners Take TEN-J to Two More Wins

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider – LEMOORE, Calif. (October 28, 2019) – TEN-J Chassis’s top win earners took the overall win count to 111 last weekend after wrapping up a pair of Turkey Bowl titles for the brand.

Mitchel Moles won his 42nd race of the season Saturday night when he earned the Non Wing Turkey Bowl XIX Title at Delta Speedway. The second highest win earner for the company, Gauge Garcia, picked up his 16th win of the season with his Turkey Bowl XIX triumph.

Overall the performance of both drivers has propelled the success of TEN-J to new heights once again. Their victories took TEN-J last 110 wins overall and 104 victories in 2019 alone. The numbers are staggering, but TEN-J attributes their success to great drivers, strong support, and partners that are as serious about winning as they are.

“Really we just have drivers that are capable of getting the job done,” Jerrod Huckleberry said. “These guys wanna win so bad we couldn’t put anything less than Adams Performance, Guhl Injection, and our absolute best work underneath of them.”

Huckleberry’s sentiments about the drivers rings loud and clear, however, it’s more than just the wins that speaks volumes about the brand.

The results speak for themselves. TEN-J has taken drivers to new levels of comfort and success. Just last weekend, Sage Bordenave, who is fresh to the Super 600 class, and coming off a season shrouded in bad luck, got to victory lane for the first time in 2019 aboard his brand new TEN-J.

Another success story in the process of being written is the turn around for Austin Torgerson. Well known as a good driver beforehand, a preseason injury left him coming into 2019 behind the eight ball. While he’s been getting his feet back underneath of him this season, when he made his transition to the TEN-J the results sheet steadily shows a significant improvement. He went from being a top ten driver to battling for wins seemingly overnight.

Not to mention his younger brother Ashton, who had a win prior to the move, but after, reeled off two strait podiums in his first starts, three consecutive quick time runs at three tracks, and five wins at Dixon Speedway en route to the Restricted Class Title.

Twelve different drivers have piloted TEN-J’s to victory all across the country. Holden Jennings has parked one in the Sooner State of Oklahoma. Darin Naida is the fourth winningest driver for the brand with wins all across Indiana, Michigan and the surrounding region. Mitchel Moles went from a driver with a handful of wins over a career to taking home 42 checkered flags in a single season.

The performance speaks for itself.

The goal of TEN-J Chassis from the beginning was to design and build something that was hand-crafted, and designed to be the absolute standard of engineering and performance for customers who refused to sacrifice quality at any level. Jerrod Huckleberry and TEN-J Chassis swear by oath to only align themselves with companies and manufacturers who share the same philosophy when it comes to production.

Up next in the Golden State TEN-J Chassis looks to defend the 2018 California Cup sweeps they earned last year. In 2018 Mitchel Moles kicked off the run he’s been on this season with a dominant run at the Cal Cup in the Super 600 class. It was Tristan Guardino winning Non-Wing and bringing TEN-J’s win count to seven. Oh what a difference a year can make. TEN-J goes for back to back Cal Cup glory on November 8th and 9th at Lemoore Raceway.

The TEN-J brand is making its mark. The choice is yours. Join the team or watch your friends start living the dream.

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On Deck:

California Cup

Lemoore Raceway

November 8-9, 2019

Lemoore California

Until then:

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1500 Enterprise Drive

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2019 Win Count #TENjwinning

Mitchel Moles – 42 wins

Gauge Garcia – 16 wins

Jett Barnes – 14 wins

Darin Naida – 12 wins

Brandon Carey – 5 wins

Ben Worth – 5 wins

Ashton Torgerson – 4 wins

Jeffrey Pahule jr – 2 wins

Tristan Guardino – 2 wins

Zeb Wise – 1 win

Holden Jennings – 1 win

Cody Key – 1 win

Sage Bordenave – 1 win

104 wins in 2019.

2018 Win Count

Ben Worth – 4

Tristan Guardino – 2

Mitchel Moles – 1

= 111 Wins combined

Notable Victories/Titles:

Ben Worth – 2019 Tulsa Shootout Outlaw Class Champion

2018 Turkey Bowl XVII Champion

Zeb Wise – 2019 Tulsa Shootout Outlaw Non-Wing Champion

Mitchel Moles – 2019 Hoosier Tire California Speedweek Super 600 Champion

2019 Keller Auto Raceway Non-Wing Champion

2019 Lemoore Raceway Non-Wing Champion

2019 Lemoore Raceway Super 600 Champion

2018 California Cup Super 600 Champion

Plaza Park Raceway Track Record holder

Tristan Guardino – 2019 Hoosier Tire California Speedweek Non Wing Champion

2018 California Cup Non Wing Champion

Gauge Garcia – 2019 Hoosier Tire California Speedweek Restricted Champion.

2019 Turkey Bowl XIX Champion

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