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TEN-J Chassis Cal Cup – Continuing to Grow

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider – LEMOORE, Calif. (November 13, 2019) – TEN-J Chassis came away from Cal Cup 2019 with two wins, 10 podiums, 15 top fives, and 19 top tens with eleven different drivers at the helm.

Last weekend TEN-J Chassis returned to Lemoore Raceway for the California Cup, a marquee event for the manufacturers after last years domination. In 2018 Mitchel Moles laid down the gauntlet in Super 600, and Tristan Guardino was untouchable. This years edition may not have been highlighted by as many wins, but the quantity of competitors on track proudly displaying the TEN-J flag.

The top two highlights of the weekend however were Gauge Garcia picking up the brands 112th overall victory and Colten Jones picking up the non wing crown, and win number 113, in a lights out performance.

Jones, a long time Lemoore Raceway standout, has been money since making his TEN-J debut. Before Saturday night he was yet to finish outside the top two. Saturday night he finally closed the deal. He did so, in spectacular fashion as well. He drove around TEN-J win leader Mitchel Moles and put the field in submission. He went on to lead a TEN-J sweep of the podium beating out Brandon Carey 2nd, and Mitchel Moles 3rd.

After getting ahead of himself in Night one while going for the victory Garcia displayed his versatility, and adaptability by quickly putting it behind him and rebounding flawlessly. On night two he came back for a second chance at the Stock Class and put the field in a hurt locker. There was no one in Garcia’s league in the stock class at Cal Cup.

Another notable performance in the stock class came from Carson Myrick in his TEN-J. Myrick, usually a non wing ringer, moved 11 spots through the field on Friday night and capped off Saturday with another top five.

Caeden Steele came to life over the weekend as well. Fresh to the TEN-J family Steele found his rightful position back at the front of the pack contesting for wins both nights. Although he came up second on both occasions last weekends results represent his best of the year aboard the TEN-J.

Another top level driver also made his TEN-J debut this weekend. Logan Trevino climbed aboard a TEN-J for the first time Friday night. The 2019 Delta Speedway Restricted class Champion was instantly in contention. He came away with second on night one advancing directly to Saturday’s feature. He would have been in better contention had he not suffered engine issues that now has Prosperi/Trevino racing on the hunt for a new power plant before Tulsa comes around.

Brandon Carey, the brands fifth winningest Driver, came out with second in non wing on Friday night and two solid top tens each night in Super 600.

Jeffrey Pahule jr continued to impress over the weekend. After a 13th on Friday he came out and laid down quick time in Super 600 Saturday. He went on to narrowly finish outside the top five Saturday night after putting on an impressive charge from the 10th starting position.

Another highlight performance for the TEN-J team of the weekend was that of Austin Torgerson. After qualifying sixth and winning his heat, Torgerson laid down an impressive charge in the Saturday night feature. He was able to drive around the field knocking down the top side of the race track to finish sixth after coming all the way from 11th. It was a brilliant performance.

Younger brother Ashton Torgerson didn’t have the weekend he had hoped for but it started off with the hammer down. On Thursday night, before the races began, Ashton was consistently running lap times less than a tenth off the overall Lemoore Raceway Track Record. His best lap posted was a 10.32 compared to the record 10.254 set back in 2011.

Overall the brand put in another memorable cal cup while continuing to grow with each passing weekend. Up next the brand takes on Turkey Night at Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park in Visalia, California this Friday night, November 15. There are big things in store for the TEN-J brand in the future as they prepare for their first Shootout as defending champions in two premier classes. Stay right here to find out what developments come along as the time ticks by.

The performance speaks for itself.

The goal of TEN-J Chassis from the beginning was to design and build something that was hand-crafted, and designed to be the absolute standard of engineering and performance for customers who refused to sacrifice quality at any level. Jerrod Huckleberry and TEN-J Chassis swear by oath to only align themselves with companies and manufacturers who share the same philosophy when it comes to production.

The TEN-J brand is making its mark. The choice is yours. Join the team or watch your friends start living the dream.

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On Deck:

Turkey Night at Plaza

Keller Auto Raceway Plaza Park

Friday November 15, 2019

Until then:

TEN-J Chassis –

1500 Enterprise Drive

Lemoore, Calif. 93245

(559) 802-8356





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2019 Win Count #TENjwinning

Mitchel Moles – 43 wins

Gauge Garcia – 17 wins

Jett Barnes – 14 wins

Darin Naida – 12 wins

Brandon Carey – 5 wins

Ben Worth – 5 wins

Ashton Torgerson – 4 wins

Jeffrey Pahule jr – 2 wins

Tristan Guardino – 2 wins

Zeb Wise – 1 win

Holden Jennings – 1 win

Cody Key – 1 win

Colten Jones – 1 win

106 wins in 2019.

2018 Win Count

Ben Worth – 4

Tristan Guardino – 2

Mitchel Moles – 1

= 113 Wins combined

Notable Victories/Titles:

Ben Worth – 2019 Tulsa Shootout Outlaw Class Champion

2018 Turkey Bowl XVII Champion

Zeb Wise – 2019 Tulsa Shootout Outlaw Non-Wing Champion

Mitchel Moles – 2019 Hoosier Tire California Speedweek Super 600 Champion

2019 Keller Auto Raceway Non-Wing Champion

2019 Lemoore Raceway Non-Wing Champion

2019 Lemoore Raceway Super 600 Champion

2018 California Cup Super 600 Champion

Plaza Park Raceway Track Record holder

Tristan Guardino – 2019 Hoosier Tire California Speedweek Non Wing Champion

2018 California Cup Non Wing Champion

Gauge Garcia – 2019 Hoosier Tire California Speedweek Restricted Champion.

2019 Turkey Bowl XIX Champion

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