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Hard Runs and Heart Breaks – Torgerson Racing’s Desert Thunder Nationals Finale

Prodigy Race Promotions – Driver Exclusive. CASA GRANDE, Ariz. (November 23, 2019) – Heart break and Hard Charges became the theme of the weekend as the Torgerson Racing team experienced a swaying pendulum of emotions following the Desert Thunder Nationals.

After Austin lead 19 of 20 laps in the night one non wing feature more gut wrenching luck struck in the night two finale as well. Despite the hard luck both brothers came away with many reasons to be confident and performances no one will soon forget. In addition to all the up and down non wing action the third member of the team churned up a valiant, noteworthy podium charge as well.

In the open or non wing 600 main event Austin came in second in the overall event points with the 7th starting spot with his brother one row ahead of him starting 5th.

The green flag dropped and both filed to the inside. Ashton made contact with another driver heading into turn three but avoided trouble leaving Austin to navigate his way around it as well. After the close call another full double file restart ensued with both moving up a row. When the flag dropped this time Ashton took the gloves off and threw the haymaker going into one taking over the lead. They got a lap in the books before the caution waved once more. Ashton showed the field to green with Austin in 5th.

Ashton lead the field the next 15 laps until a lapper couldn’t find his way around the track and decided to park in front of the 02 while he had a mile long lead. After running a brilliant race in just his second non wing start in Arizona, beating the best in the entire state, the race was affectionately over for the 02.

With four laps to go Austin was left to wave the team flag restarting from 5th. Austin climbed into fourth as multiple green-white-checker attempts were put in the books. When the fourth and final attempt came to green Austin remained in fourth while Ashton had climbed all the way back to 8th.

When the checkered flag waved Austin crossed the line fourth and Ashton seventh rebounding exceptionally and salvaging what could have been considered a complete disaster with a charge back for the ages.

Despite the missed opportunities the entire team made their names known in a big way.

Brandon Riviera started the Restricted 600 main event from the sixth position after entering the feature in much better position than Night one. Early in the going he was making his way forward until encountering the Grand Canyon size rut in turn one and two. He bicycled bad with about seven laps down and lost a ton of ground. He was able to gather it back in and mount an attack.

Once he found his familiar line upstairs he began to start wheelin and dealin his way forward. The charge was on. He quickly got himself back into top five contention. With 12 laps to go he made the bold moves to get back into 4th. Following a caution flag at the half way point his charge to the front continued. The next green flag run went about five more laps and Riviera got himself into podium position.

One critical point in the race came when he was battling for third and got pinched down to the inside forced to race through the canyon sized rut and pushed 4th to the outside inadvertently showing her the smooth line. She then used it to perfection and passed Riviera back forcing him to file in during the closing stages. Just then the second place driver made a huge bobble coming out of two allowing third and Riviera to slide by and onto the podium themselves. With two to go Riviera made the move back and into the runner up bid but he would have to hold off a charging driver with points on the line behind him. Riviera withstood the challenge brilliantly.

As they rounded turn four Brandon Riviera drove the Adams Performance, TEN-J Chassis number 02 to the second place finish in just his second night aboard the car.

In all, Torgerson Racing proved themselves a force to be reckoned with heading into the Tulsa Shootout. This weekends action concludes the 2019 season. The next time Austin and Ashton Torgerson will climb behind the wheel of their Adams Performance, TEN-J Chassis, will be during their maiden voyage to the granddaddy of them all – the shootout.

With that: we’ll see you at the River Spirit Expo Center. Its officially #drillerseason.

See you in Tulsa.


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Quick Results:

Saturday November 23, 2019

Desert Thunder Nationals Finale

Central Arizona Speedway

Casa Grande, Ariz.

Austin Torgerson

Non Wing:

Heat Race: 3rd (+2)

Main Event: 4th

Ashton Torgerson

Non Wing:

Heat Race: 1st

Main Event: 7th

Brandon Riviera


Heat Race: 1st (+2)

Main Event: 2nd

Ashton and Austin Torgerson and all of Torgerson Racing would like to cordially thank all of their sponsors for their continued support, and belief in the program.

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