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Logan Trevino: 2019 Season in Review

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider. Driver Exclusive- MADERA, Calif. (December 21, 2019) – > Logan Trevino had a breakout season of sorts coming away with five wins, 20 podiums, 29 top fives, 33 top tens, and the Delta Speedway Restricted 600 championship in just 35 races during his third season behind the wheel of a micro sprint.

Beyond his main event stats Trevino also drove his way to 11 heat race wins and three quick time qualifying performances over the course of the year. In all he won 14% of his races, finished on the podium an astounding 57% of the time, in the top five 82% of the time and within the top ten in 95% of his races. The consistency Logan Trevino showed in 2019 was staggering. He did it almost everywhere he went as well. Trevino picked up feature wins at three of the five different venues he competed at. He won heat races at four of the five, and earned a top five finish at all five facilities.

It was a remarkable year.

In 2019 Tevino took part in main events at five different race tracks ranging from Visalia, California all the way to Bellingham, Washington. Of all the tracks he ventured to, Delta Speedway ranked number one on the list with 16 features. He also raced at Keller Auto Raceway nine times, Lemoore Raceway seven times, Deming Speedway twice, and once at Dixon.

Along with the championship Trevino boasted his best results on the famed 1/7th mike oval on the San Joaquin county Fairgrounds – Delta Speedway. In 16 races Trevino managed to pull off three wins at Delta alone. He started the year off on fire earning the first two race wins of the season and jumping out to an early lead of the points. As the season went on down the stretch Trevino won his first four heat races of the year at Delta, and finished on the podium in the first three rounds. Trevino managed to stay inside of the top five all the way until mid August at round 10.

It was there at round 10 that Trevino suffered his lone DNF of the season at the most pivotal time. However, in true championship form, Trevino answered the next round with with fortitude and an exemplary amount of resilience. He made a statement on August 31, the very next round, with four races remaining at the time, with a clutch victory. That victory may have been the turning point for Trevinos entire season. He rounded out the year at Delta with a 7th, 2nd, and 4th en route to his first micro sprint title.

Delta may have number one for Trevino this year but he also shared a great deal of success at Plaza Park, one of most storied tracks in all of micro sprint racing. He kicked off his entire season by setting quick time at the opening Budweiser Outlaw Nationals back on March 22. He went on to finish second on the night before claiming fifth on night two.

Of his nine features at Plaza this season it only took until round four for Trevino to find the top step of the podium. It was May 10 when Trevino put it all together for the third time this season and for his first career victory at Plaza Park. In the beginning of the season Trevino was right in the thick of the Championship chase at Plaza as well. As the season went on his absence from select races cost him an opportunity at the title, but he did manage five podiums, seven top fives, eight top tens, three heat wins, and two quick times in just nine races overall in Visalia.

With seven appearances Lemoore Raceway marked the third most attended facility of 2019 for Trevino. His first appearance at the big track occurred on April 27th when he decided to take part in the Stock 600 division. Trevino came to play that night. He shocked the scene with a brilliant performance that night. He drove to a close runner up finish in his first, and only career Stock 600 main event. From there he returned to the Restricted class to shake things down for Speedweek and earning another podium with third on night one of the Tachi Palace Nationals on June 7.

However the best run of the season at Lemoore came when Trevino needed it most. On the heels of his devastating DNF at Delta just a week prior, Trevino took the Restricted class to school in a statement showcase by taking the win at round 11 of their track championship season. That marked Trevino’s fourth overall win of the season and his third different track to do so on.

Overall Trevino ended up with seven features, one win, four podiums, six top fives, seven top tens, and two heat race victories at Lemoore.

The fourth track Trevino competed on this season was the furthest away from home. In late July Trevino ventured up to Deming Speedway in Bellingham, Washington for the Clay Cup Nationals. In what was supposed to be a three night show, night one rained out and Trevino found himself winning his heat race in his only attempt on night two. In the main events he earned 5th in the Friday night portion and took home 8th in the Saturday finale.

The last track to see Trevino in action just a single time kicked off a valiant Speedweek charge. He finished third at Dixon Speedway this year at the Speedweek opener. In his first and only appearance at Dixon Trevino mixed it up with the best in the country. As Speedweek came down to the wire Trevino found himself in contention down to the very last lap. Following a second the next night at Delta, his seventh place finish at Plaza proved to be his Achilles heel. He brought home Fifth at the Lemoore finale but it just wasn’t quite enough. He wound up second overall in the 2019 edition of California Speedweek.

However he was able to answer the call at Delta Speedway down the stretch. His fourth place run at the Finale on October 5th was enough to seal the deal on his first career micro sprint title.

Once again his 2019 campaign was immensely successful. In 35 races Logan Trevino earned five wins, 20 podiums, 29 top fives, 33 top tens, 11 heat race wins, three quick time qualifying performances and the Delta Speedway Restricted 600 championship during his third season behind the wheel of a micro sprint.

It’s not over however. Up next Trevino will make his maiden voyage to the Tulsa Expo Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma for the biggest micro sprint race on the planet, the granddaddy of them all – the Tulsa Shootout. Trevino will be running the Prosperi/Trevino number 7t in the Restricted A-Class in search of the coveted Golden Driller. Over the past two seasons a driver from this region has either won the Restricted title, or come very close. Logan Trevino looks to keep that tradition in tact and be the next central California standout to bring home a driller.

It’s officially #drillerszn running on #Tulsatime

The 35th annual Tulsa Shootout is set to kick off January 1-5, 2020 from the Tulsa Expo Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Follow along right here on Sprint Car Insider and Prodigy Race Promotions for all the results and details on Logan Trevino and his charge toward a Golden Driller on Prodigy Race Promotions. Be sure to keep following on Instagram and Facebook and with the official Driver Exclusive recaps right here on Sprint Car Insider. #PRParmy


Logan Trevino wants to cordially thank all of his sponsors and supportersB&D Prosperi Farms, Florestone Products, AG Right Enterprises, Rocky Taylor State Farm Insurance, Madera AG Services, KP Spraying, Denis Prosperi Farms, Schafer Metal Stakes, Midland Tractor Madera, Lee’s Concrete, and KBL Farms. We would also like to thank Joey Galante Motors, Chris Rice Carburators, and Panoche Creek Packing, for their continued Support of his efforts and believing in him throughout his career. He says none of this could have been done without them, and he appreciates every ounce of support and effort from them all.

Overall Season Stats: Logan Trevino #7t

Restricted 600:

Features: 35

Wins: 5

Podiums: 20

Top 5: 29

Top 10: 33

Heat Wins: 11

Quick Times: 3

Championships: 1

Overall Averages:

14 % win rate

57 % podium rate

82% Top 5 rate

95% Top 10 rate

2019 Delta Speedway Restricted 600 Champion.

Delta Speedway Stats:

• 16 Features

• 13 Point Races

• 3 Wins

• 6 2nd Place Finishes

• 10 podiums

• 13 Top fives

• 14 Top tens

• 4th place avg finish

• 66% podium rate

• 86 % top five rate

• 93% Top ten rate

On Deck:

35th Annual Tulsa Shootout

January 1-5, 2020

Tulsa Expo Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

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