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Pahule Shines Again in Super 600 Cal Cup

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider. Driver Exclusive. BRENTWOOD, Calif. (November 2019) – Jeffrey Pahule Jr continued to make his mark in the Super 600 class after having yet another eye opening performance at the 2019 edition of the California Cup at Lemoore Raceway.

It was just a couple of weeks prior when Pahule drove his restricted car into the pits at Dixon Speedway and told his dad he was done with that class. Ever since making that call on his own, Pahule has continued to show everyone the he has made the right decision. Despite his age in numbers, his aptitude on the racetrack is far beyond his years. He also appears very comfortable behind the wheel of the Super, and he’s not afraid to mix it up.

In his second go of attempting the Super 600 class, at Turkey Bowl XIX at Delta Speedway, everything was going better than planned up until the main event. He actually qualified for the main event by winning the B Main, which was stacked itself, just the trip to the main event was something to hold to high regard. But that there is another glaring indication of what’s to come for this young man. He simply isn’t satisfied. In line with the mentality of a true racer, Pahule wants more, no matter how well you try to explain to him he’s done, he wants to win, and he expect it of himself. That quality right there is present in each and every racer that has ever been successful, it’s surely a sign of promise.

Well the Turkey Bowl main event didn’t go as planned but then came Cal Cup.

Making just his third start in a super 600, and first in the big track at Lemoore, Pahule came down to the California Cup, to see a much different surface than usual, the Track was ultra fast. Night one started off with a 14th place qualifying effort just .306 off of quick time and .029 off of 13th. The super 600 group at Cal Cup was insanely close.

In the heat race he started seventh and finished sixth. His 11.311 lap time accounted for the sixth fastest time on track and he finished just .029 seconds out of fifth. Despite the low numbers in finishes on paper, he was competitive, especially to the eyes, the field was close. Coming into the night one, that actually turned into day two because it was about 3am, was set for 30 laps, in the, now, Cal Cup doubleheader.

Pahule started the Saturday morning feature from the 11th position. However he would only make half the distance before suffering a DNF and subsequent 15th place score. But he wouldn’t let it deter him. Coming into the finale Pahule showed yet another intangible quality of a racer that cannot be taught.

Getting beat mentally is one of the toughest trends for a racer to not allow himself to fall victim to. After a bad night it’s easy to let that consume your thoughts and haunt the rest of ones time at the Track. But Pahule would not fall into that category.

Saturday night started off the best it could. Young Pahule was able to shake off the result of night one and come into the finale with fresh headspace and a clean slate.

He piloted the 44x TEN-J to a 10.556 lap and quick time in qualifying. He earned his first career super 600 quick time by just .003 seconds over a very prominent driver in second. Just then the vibe of the entire weekend changed, and the 44x was rollin.

He managed to maintain his spot and finish fourth in the heat. Jeffrey Pahule jr would start his fourth career super 600 main event, and 39th main event of the season, from the 10th position. Saturday’s night main event was slated for 40 laps as it capped the weekend and headlined the event.

When the green flag dropped the 44x kept moving forward. He never looked back. He climbed all the way into the top five before another hard charger got around him, but he never relented sixth. At the end of 40 laps the 44x officially scored in with the sixth position. Even better than his actual finish were his lap times. They were consistent, and consistently fast. Pahule’s fastest lap of the race was actually fourth quick, his 12.306, was also only .050 off the best time and he finished just .249 behind the leader when it was all said and done.

As the conclusion of the California Cup came Jeffrey Pahule jr showcased once again why he has so much promise heading into the future. So far he seems tailored to that super 600. The Cal Cup represented races 38 and 39 for 44x Pahule Family Racing but one more remained. With just one weekend in between Pahule returned the final weekend of the 2019 race to Plaza Park to give her a go one more time.

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QUICK RESULTSJeffrey Pahule jr

California Cup Night 1

Lemoore Raceway

Lemoore, California

November 8, 2019

Super 600:

Night 1

Qualifying: 14th

Heat Race: 6th

Main Event: 15th

QUICK RESULTSJeffrey Pahule jr

California Cup Night 2

Lemoore Raceway

Lemoore, California

November 8, 2019

Super 600:

Night 2

Qualifying: 1st

Heat Race: 4th

Main Event: 6th (+4)

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2019 Stats:

39 Features

3 Wins

16 Podiums

23 Top 5s

31 Top 10s


4/13 Dixon 4th

4/27 Dixon 2nd

5/11 Dixon 4th

6/8 Dixon 1st

6/22 Dixon 2nd

Speedweek Dixon 10th

7/6 Dixon 1st

7/13 Dixon 1st

7/27 Dixon 15th

8/10 Dixon 2nd

8/24 Dixon 4th

9/7 Dixon 5th

9/28 Dixon 2nd

10/4 Dixon 2nd

10/12 Dixon 11th

10/18 Dixon 10th

10/19 Dixon 2nd


3/17 Delta 7th

4/6 Delta 2nd

4/20 Delta 6th (+11 spots)

5/4 Delta 3rd (+7)

6/14 Delta 7th

6/15 Delta 3rd (+11)

Speedweek Delta 7th

7/13 Delta 6th (+10)

7/27 Delta DNF 19th

8/3 Delta 2nd (+8)

8/17 Delta 4th

8/31 Delta 4th

9/1 Delta 2nd

9/14 Delta 4th

10/5 Delta 17th

10/26 Delta


3/22 Plaza 3rd

3/23 Plaza 7th

5/31 Plaza 3rd (+14)

Speedweek Plaza 8th (+6)

9/21 Plaza 17th

11/15 Plaza


6/1 Lemoore 14th

Speedweek Lemoore 3rd (+3)

11/8 Lemoore 14th

11/9 Lemoore 6th

36 Features

29 Top 10s

19 Top 5s

15 Podiums

3 Wins

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