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Year in Review 2019: Jeffrey Pahule Jr – The Season Surge

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider. Driver Exclusive. BRENTWOOD, Calif. (December 21, 2019) – Jeffrey Pahule Jr mounted an unforgettable attack on 2019 running 40 Restricted features and five Super 600 all together earning three wins, 25 top fives and 35 top tens.

Overall Pahule won .06% of his total races, finished on the podium in 37% of them, in the top five 55%, in the top ten 77% and amassed a sixth place average finish based on the total of combined races. He also scored five heat race victories throughout the year as two quick time performances. His qualifying efforts would account for one of his most glaring statistics of the season: amount of cars passed. Pahule made a job out of coming from behind this season but he did it very well. At Delta and Plaza alone he passed 68 cars in main event action before August.

Pahule ran most of his races in 2019 alternating between Dixon Speedway and Delta Speedway where he contested for the Restricted 600 title at both. In all he raced at Delta and Dixon 17 times each. At Dixon he scored his three wins, earned nine podiums, 13 top fives, 15 top tens, three heat races wins and a quick time near the end of the year in Restricted. In the end Pahule brought home second in overall points after being in the battle until the bitter end. Pahule also made his super 600 debut at Dixon earning a stout second place in just his second ever Super 600 feature at the Lonnie Kaiser Memorial.

All year long the biggest goal was to win a feature at Delta. He may not have gotten it done but he did turn in some of the best results in terms of consistency as anyone who competed there. Pahule often made a show by passing cars and coming from the back to the front numerous times.

In the end Pahule came away from Delta with 16 Restricted features, three podiums, eight top fives, 12 top tens and two heat race victories. Pahule also amassed 48 passes in Delta Speedway main events through August 3. He was often a man on a mission making up 11 spots in round two on April 20, to go from 17th to 6th. He made up another seven at round three on May 4, going from 10th to third to earn his fourth overall podium of the year and third at Delta. Then on July 13 he charged from 16th to 6th picking up another 10 spots. On August 3rd he charged from 10th to second to earn the podium with the fastest laptime on the track. When it came to pure speed, Jeffrey Pahule jr was lights out at Delta.

The track Pahule appeared at third most during his 2019 campaign was Plaza Park Raceway. He raced in Visalia a total of six times this season. He started off his year by earning his first podium of the season back in March at the opening Budweiser Outlaw Nationals. He followed up his third place performance with seventh in the finale. He finished third again on May 31, passing an astounding 14 cars on his way to doing so.

The next time he returned was for California Speedweek where he charged another six positions through the field to come home eighth. His fifth run at the famed paper clip was the Mark Hagopian Memorial where kick just wasn’t on his side. He wound up 17th on that night but came back to Plaza one more time in 2019 to cap off an impressive year.

In Pahule’s final return to Plaza in 2019 he returned in the Super 600 class. Ahead of his 45th overall main event of the season, and fifth career Super 600 start, Pahule closed his season with a 5th place in the big class. While doing so he also turned in the fourth fastest lap time. His late season drive bodes well for his confidence as the 2020 season quickly approaches.

The final venue that hosted the 44x within the Golden State was the historical Lemoore Raceway. After a 14th place run in a Speedweek shakedown on June 1st, things didn’t appear to be on track to turn out the way that they did, but young Pahule is full of surprises.

At the Speedweek finale Pahule managed to earn the sixth place starting spot for the final Restricted main event of the week. Despite his dismal results in his single outing at Lemoore prior to Speedweek, he charged to an impressive podium run.

On paper, his Speedweek performance May be the best result posted at Lemoore, but it may not have been his most impressive showing on the 1/5 mile. In November’s California Cup Pahule proved he can wheel the super 600 around the big track with the best of them. After a quiet 14th and DNF on night one, or the morning portion of the doubleheader, however you want to look at it, Pahule returned for the final with a fresh attitude, ready to race. He wound up turning in just his second quick time of the whole season, in Super 600 at that. After a fourth in the heat Pahule drove the 44x to nearly a top five, but solid top ten, after 40 laps. It was one of the longest races to this point in his career, and it was in the car still new to him, Cal Cup offered up a lot of positives to take forward for Pahule.

The entire season looking back provided many positives for Pahule to grasp ahold of heading into 2020. With his overall run and late season Super 600 surge Pahule is surely touted as a contender heading into the future. Watch out for the 44x.

After 45 features with three wins, 25 top fives, and 35 top tens, Jeffrey Pahule jr closed the book on a very successful 2019 campaign. Now the anticipation builds as the countdown to 2020 has begun. Will the 44x be the next super 600 standout?

There’s only one way to find out…

Don’t miss a second of his rookie Super 600 season by following all the details, updates and results about Jeffrey Pahule jr and his charge on Prodigy Race Promotions, @PRParmy on Instagram and Facebook. You can also see all of the official Driver Exclusive recaps right here on Sprint Car Insider weekly. #PRParmy

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2019 Overall Stats:

45 Features

3 Wins

17 Podiums

25 Top 5s

35 Top 10s

5 Heat wins

2 Quick Times

DIXON Speedway

4/13 Dixon 4th

4/27 Dixon 2nd

5/11 Dixon 4th

6/8 Dixon 1st

6/22 Dixon 2nd

Speedweek Dixon 10th

7/6 Dixon 1st

7/13 Dixon 1st

7/27 Dixon 15th

8/10 Dixon 2nd

8/24 Dixon 4th

9/7 Dixon 5th

9/28 Dixon 2nd

10/4 Dixon 2nd

10/12 Dixon 11th

10/18 Dixon 10th

10/19 Dixon 2nd

Dixon Stats:

Features: 17

Wins: 3

Podiums: 9

Top 5: 13

Top 10: 15

Quick time: 1

Heat Wins: 3

DELTA Speedway

3/17 Delta 7th

4/6 Delta 2nd

4/20 Delta 6th (+11 spots)

5/4 Delta 3rd (+7)

6/14 Delta 7th

6/15 Delta 3rd (+11)

Speedweek Delta 7th

7/13 Delta 6th (+10)

7/27 Delta DNF 19th

8/3 Delta 2nd (+8)

8/17 Delta 4th

8/31 Delta 4th

9/1 Delta 2nd

9/14 Delta 4th

10/5 Delta 17th

10/26 Delta 22nd

Delta Stats:

Features: 17

Wins: x

Podiums: 3

Top 5: 8

Top 10: 12

Heat Wins: 2


3/22 Plaza 3rd

3/23 Plaza 7th

5/31 Plaza 3rd (+14)

Speedweek Plaza 8th (+6)

9/21 Plaza 17th

11/15 Plaza 5th

Plaza Stats:

Features: 6

Podium: 2

Top 5: 3

Top 10: 5


6/1 Lemoore 14th

Speedweek Lemoore 3rd (+3)

11/8 Lemoore 14th

11/9 Lemoore 6th

Lemoore Stats:

Features: 4

Podium: 1

Top 5: 1

Top 10: 2

Quick Time: 1

Jeffrey Pahule jr and everyone at 44x Pahule Family Racing would like to cordially thank all of their sponsors for their continued support, and belief in the program.

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