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Rocha Earns Stock Class Heat Win and Moves Forward in Outlaw

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider. HANFORD, Calif. (January 3, 2020)- Ryan “Big Race” Rocha is filing right in line with his new nickname as things progress here at the 35th Annual Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout.

He was able to come away with a win in his A Class heat race after starting second. His A-Class heat race victory landed him directly into qualifier three where he will roll off from 5th.

The format goes like this: each class features the top 112 from points after the heat races. After that the top 112 are split into groups of 14. Each group of 14 goes ten laps with a four car invert. Passing points are again on the line in the qualifier. The almighty qualifier determines the line ups for Driller days A and B mains. The top 16 in overall points will go directly to the feature. It is not determined by finishing position or transferring by position, it is completely determined by points.

So Big Race Rocha has the chance to advance directly to the feature in A Class. At very least he can make his route to the feature much easier by earning enough points to line up toward the front of the order in the B main.

Those not with the top 112 in points get shuffled through the alphabet soup. For Rocha, he will start on the pole of his Outlaw Class C Main here very shortly. In his heat he was able to go from 8th to 6th but didn’t get any further.

Being just his third career race in the Outlaw, or Super 600 class, going directly to a C main, with a good chance of moving to the B, is quite the statement. He is handling the moment quite brilliantly. His nerves are in check, he hasn’t made erratic decisions, and his cage hasn’t been rattled by anything. You can’t shake this kid. He truly is: Ryan Big Race Rocha.

Stay informed by keeping up with his results on Prodigy Race Promotions and right here on Sprint Car Insider. Ryan Rocha is about to take on his best opportunity of the shootout. He starts 5th in A-Class, (stock) Qualifier number three. Once again he’s aiming for a spot within the top 16 in points to advance directly into Saturday’s A-Class feature.

Last year he lead the way for most of the entire Restricted Driller Day main event before trouble at the tail end of the field was unavoidable as he came up to lap them. It cost him a shot at the most prestigious trophy in micro sprint racing.

After a year of winning multiple stock class races and a Lemoore Raceway title, Rocha has put himself into a position where redemption is attainable. Stay right here to see if Big Race Rocha gets it done. He’s laser focused and ready to shine on the big stage. The most pivotal point of the week lies ahead.

Don’t miss a second of it.

– • –

Stay updated with all of the details, updates and results as they happen by following Prodigy Race Promotions on Instagram and Facebook @PRParmy. The quest for Redemption is on for Ryan Rocha. Don’t miss a second of the action. #PRParmy


On deck:

35th Annual Lucas Oil This Shootout

January 3, 2020

Outlaw Class C-Main:

Race 199: starts – pole

A-Class Qualifier:

Race 247: starts – 5th

Quick Results:

Ryan Rocha #5R-

35th Annual Lucas Oil This Shootout

January 2, 2020


Heat Race:

Start: 2nd

Finish: 1st

Quick Results:

Ryan Rocha #5R-

35th Annual Lucas Oil This Shootout

January 2, 2020

Outlaw Class

Heat Race:

Start: 8th

Finish: 6th

Ryan Rocha and the entire Rocha Family would like to cordially thank all of their sponsors for their continued support, and belief in the program.

2019 Stock Season Stats:

Features: 21

Wins: 6

Podiums: 12

Top 5: 16

Top 10: 21

2019 Lemoore Raceway Stock Stats

Features: 12

Wins: 4

Podiums: 8

Top 5: 8

Top 10: 11

Win Rate: 33%

Podium Rate: 66%

Top 10 Rate: 91%

*Open/Super 600 – 2nd in first career start at Clay Cup

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