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Torgerson Bro’s Shootout so far – Qualifiers on Deck

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider – Driver Exclusive- TULSA, Okla. (January 3, 2020) –> Austin and Ashton Torgerson have come to the shootout and done something nearly unheard of – they have advanced to qualifiers in every single class they signed up for in their very first attempt.

With nearly 300 drivers or more in four of the five micro sprint divisions in action this week, making the top 112 is quite the accomplishment. Following heat races the Torgerson brothers learned that they had done just that. Ashton qualified for five qualifiers out of five classes. Austin qualified for four qualifiers and got a heat race victory in the stock Non Wing class, and evening advanced to qualifiers in the Wing classes in which he was not nearly as confident about.

What lies ahead next for Austin and Ashton is an opportunity to advance directly to main events here at the 35th Annual Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout. Again, it will be the top 16 in overall points who advance directly to the mains following qualifiers. Main will be lined up directly based off of points as well. The almighty passing points are again up for grabs in the qualifiers too.

For Austin, after going from 7th to 4th in the Outlaw Non Wing heat Race he will start qualifier four from 11th. After going from third to first in the Stock Non Wing heat Race he will start qualifier five from the pole. He lines up 13th in the A Class wing qualifier after moving from fourth to third.

For Ashton, he has already completed one qualifier. He will line up third in the Restricted B main on driller day. In Outlaw Non Wing after going from fourth to third he will line up 13th in qualifier eight. In stock non wing he moved up from fourth to second earning himself the eighth starting spot in qualifier four. In A-Class Wing he’ll roll off from 13th after going from fourth to third in that heat race.

Now there’s one class that hasn’t been mentioned yet. It’s the big one. It’s the headlining class. It’s the biggest of the big classes. It’s the cat’s pajamas. It’s the Outlaw Wing class set your cap off the entire week with a 55 lap feature.

Both boys have the chance to be apart of it. But there’s one little problem.

Mom is stressed that they might take each other out of it because with the opportunity to advance to it, first they will race each other. The eighth and final winged outlaw feature of the evening hosts both Austin and Ashton Torgerson. They will also start one in front of the other. Austin lines up 11th and Ashton lines up 13th.

Oh yeah; there will also be 12 other cars on the track.

For this pair of brothers however, it’s likely they may only see each other. Who knows, maybe they push each other to the front? Maybe they motivate each other to becoming the highest point earning drivers of the night. Maybe they don’t. Time will tell, but until then Debbie Torgerson will be pacing the Tulsa Expo Center hoping for the first option.

In all seriousness the Shootout so far for Ashton and Austin Torgerson has been an accomplishment to be proud of. It’s not likely any driver come here and make every qualifier. There is too many uncontrollable variables. But the Torgerson’s did it.

The most cut throat day of the Shootout lies ahead. It’s time to see where the Shootout journey takes them.

It’s about destiny from here on out.


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On Tap:

Outlaw Non Wing heat Race: Austin

Outlaw Non Wing heat Race: Ashton

Restricted 600: Ashton

Quick Results:

Austin Torgerson

Outlaw Non Wing

January 1, 2020

Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Heat: 7th to 3rd

Stock Non Wing:

3rd to 1st

A-Class Wing:

4th to 3rd

Outlaw Wing:


Quick Results:

Ashton Torgerson

Outlaw Non Wing

January 1, 2020

Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Heat: 4th to 3rd

Stock non wing:

4th to 2nd

A-class Wing:

4th to 3rd


Quick Results:

Ashton Torgerson

Restricted 600

January 1, 2020

Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Heat: 3rd to 4th

Qualifier: 12th to 8th

Saturday, B Main: Starts 3rd

Ashton and Austin Torgerson and all of Torgerson Racing would like to cordially thank all of their sponsors for their continued support, and belief in the program.

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