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Barnes Earns Shootout Glory

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider. Driver Exclusive-VISALIA, Calif. (January 11, 2020) -> Jett Barnes won the biggest race of his career last Saturday night when he took home the Golden Driller at the 35th Annual Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout.

Despite coming in with the momentum of a 20-win season in the Jr Sprint class and a Lemoore Raceway title, redemption was on the minds of everyone at JB Motorsports when they walked into the doors of the River Spirit Expo Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In 2019 little Barnes came ready to rip. He got it done in his heat race, and started the main event from the 10th position. In a valiant charge Barnes climbed all the up to third, earning a Tulsa Shootout Podium. There was just one problem: the goal was two spots higher.

After a whole year of racing, complete with 20 wins, a championship, a manufacture change, a new opportunity in the Outlaw Kart world, and success all over the spectrum, the time had come. The time for redemption.

Jett Barnes rolled his D1X Jr Sprint into Tulsa with a win or bust mentality this time around.

Things were familiar from the start. He got the unlucky pill draw the one time you need it all season and rolled from there. He got to start his heat race from the 8th position and prominently put his name on the list of contenders after going 8th to 2nd and claiming second overall in points following the heat races.

Being second in points he went out for Qualifier number-two from the fourth spot and made his way to the front in a hurry. He and his two fellow Californian’s all won their Qualifiers, but Jett landed the second starting spot after his near perfect run to the main.

When Driller day came around it was all or nothing. He would be starting second to the driver he landed runner up to at the Clay Cup, it was a perfect opportunity to add a victorious memory to his side of the coin.

The 55 rolled out for the Jr Sprint main event with all the lights, and all the fans, ready to go for Glory in the biggest Jr Sprint race in the world, on the biggest stage he’s performed on yet.

The green flag dropped and the race was on. Barnes took the early advantage. He dealt with familiar but heavy pressure from behind nearly the whole race. Barnes never faltered, he held his line the whole time, hitting his marks, and maintaining the pressure flawlessly.

With only a handful of laps the caution waved.

A collective gasp let loose from the Driven camp as a restart put all the pressure back on the leader. Jett’s dad, Nick, paced the floor of the Expo Center biting his nails, saying, “cmon Bubba, cmon, one more restart; you got this.”

The green flag waved for the final time.

Barnes stood on the gas for the final stand. He showed the way to the white flag as the spotlight shined on him as the leader. Just one more time around and redemption was his.

He rounded the final corner and crossed the line two spots higher than last year just as they planned it.

Jett Barnes claimed the 35th Annual Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout Championship and coveted Golden Driller with a near perfect race; when he needed it most.

The entire team stormed the infield in Pure exuberance. His Dad pumped his fist with pride. His grandma could hardly walk to the podium, and Jett clinched his fist in triumph. Barnes proved himself worthy, and relished the spoils of victory, giving yet another, unforgettable interview.

For now his name will forever hang in the rafters, on the touted banner of victors to have claimed to the the most glorious prize in micro sprint racing, on display for all to see during the sacred week in January, for all to see who embark on their own search for glory within those Hollowed Grounds.

Forever, the Jr Sprint Champion of Tulsa Shootout #35 will be – Jett Barnes.


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Jett Barnes #55

Jr Sprint

35th Annual Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout

Main Event: 1st

Jett Barnes and all of JB Motorsports would like to cordially thank all of their sponsors for their continued support, and belief in the program.

Special Thanks to: Chads Auto Glass, Flyers Gas Stations, Total Works Visalia, Reen Electric, Auto Oil Changers Visalia, Jones Collision Center Lemoore, Exeter Ivanhoe Citrus, Crown Cleaners, Driven Performance, D1 Chassis, DRC Plumbing, CSI Shocks, Keizer Wheels, JF George Enterprises, JS Designs

Season Stats:

Jett Barnes #55

Jr. Sprint:

Features: 40

Wins: 20

Podiums: 31

Top 5: 36

Top 10: 40

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