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Torgerson Bro’s Go 1-2, Austin Earns First Sweep

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider – Driver Exclusive- PHOENIX, Ariz. (January 18, 2020) -> It was a chamber of commerce day for Torgerson Racing tonight at Adobe Mountain Speedway.

For the second consecutive week Austin and Ashton Torgerson brought the 88 and the 02 TEN-J’s home with 1-2 finishes. Only this time however the fight to the finish was much more climactic in terms of on track action.

Coming in on the high of earning his first career micro sprint win just one week ago Austin Torgerson returned to Adobe Mountain ready to repeat. Leading the charge tonight he was able to do just that; and then some.

Austin must have had T-Pain playin on his iPhone because all he did was win, all night long.

He went first to first in both heat races and then took to the track from the pole position in his first main event of the night, the winged Super 600 feature. The self proclaimed non winger went flag to flag in a display of dominance. Not only was it his second career win, but it was his very first with a wing on top, and done in just as many weekends.

There was one more race to go and even before it took to the track the stage was set for a battle.

Insert tonight’s antagonist: little brother Ashton.

Ashton was off to a whirlwind night of his own in the non wing class. After going from third to second in his heat race he landed the pole in the redraw. When the time came for the non wing feature Ashton took the green from the pole with Austin rolling out from fourth.

When the green flag dropped it quickly became the Ashton show. He put his foot to the floor and let the Adams Performance Engine sing it’s familiar tune. However the drama was developing behind him.

In the early stages of the race Austin was fighting through the pack when last weekends adversary tried to qualify for the lawn dart olympics once again. Out of nowhere the 88 took a massive hit in turn four that put the other driver out of the race and left Austin lucky to continue. The incident brought out the caution and lead to a complete restart.

Take two at the green flag saw Ashton take off to a comfortable lead once again. The initial green flag run put a substantial amount of the race in the books before the yellow laundry came out time after time.

After a few restarts Austin made his way up to the runner up spot leading the way to the final act.

Ashton was near perfect with every attempt at a restart as the race made its way to the closing stages. Finally the flagger through the signal for five to go and Ashton held a comfortable lead. The 02 looked to have the non wing feature in the bag as he clicked off near perfect laps when one final incident brought out the very thing Ashton had hoped to see the least – a caution.

Torgerson Racing brought the field to green occupying the top two spots with just two laps to go. Ashton held the top spot with Austin sitting runner up. As they went into turn one everything changed. Ashton drifted up the track just slightly and allowed the 88 of his brother to slip underneath him.

From that point it was off to the races for the 88. He held down the top spot and wheeled his way to the checkers earning his first career night sweep. Austin Torgerson came home tonight with two heat race wins and a double feature sweep, a true, complete night sweep.

Ashton held on to the runner up spot to earn the second consecutive 1-2 finish for Torgerson Racing but it was no consolation for the young man. He’s come so close to capturing that first non wing victory but once again the jaws of defeat ripped the elation of victory right from his hands when the victory was in sight. The win is coming. Ashton continues to lead further and further, the win is right within his grasps.

In the big picture Torgerson Racing is setting themselves up to have breakout campaigns in the Golden State. The California race season is just weeks away from kicking off and Austin and Ashton Torgerson continue to arm themselves with confidence as the season approaches.


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Quick Results:

Austin Torgerson

Adobe Mountain Speedway

Glendale, Az

January 18, 2020

Non Wing:

Heat Race 1st➡️1st

Main Event: 4th➡️1st


Heat Race 1st➡️1st

Main Event: 1st➡️1st

Quick Results:

Ashton Torgerson

Adobe Mountain Speedway

Glendale, Az

January 18, 2020

Non-Wing 600

Heat Race: 3rd➡️2nd

Main Event: 1st➡️2nd

Wing 600

Heat Race: 4th➡️6th

Main Event: 8th➡️6th

Ashton and Austin Torgerson and all of Torgerson Racing would like to cordially thank all of their sponsors for their continued support, and belief in the program.

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