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MCR Engines Sweeps Jr Sprint Shootout Podium

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider – Brand Exclusive. BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (February 22, 2020) -> There’s a simple formula to follow if you want to achieve success in the National Jr Sprint ranks: use an MCR Engine.

This year at the worlds biggest Micro Sprint Race, the 35th Annual Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout, the brothers from Bakersfield, California watched as their equipment swept the top three positions of the Jr Sprint main event and occupied a large part of the entire top ten.

Matt and Clay Dewing have dedicated their lives to pulling the absolute most horsepower out of engines designed for the worlds most promising future Motorsports athletes. Their engineering has long been a staple up and down the west coast. This year – the name is national. Jett Barnes, Cash Lovenburg, and Garrett Benson put that on display in Tulsa.

It was a banner week for MCR drivers right out of the gate. The brand came in represented by numerous champions. Visalia, California’s Cash Lovenburg came in on the heels of a Clay Cup National Championship, California Cup Championship and a Plaza Park Raceway track championship. Fellow Visalian, Jett Barnes walked through the doors as the reigning third place finisher of the shootout with 20 more wins in 2019 and a Lemoore Raceway track title. Then there was Concordia, Missouri’s, Garrett Benson, whos shown the entire Midwest exactly what MCR Horsepower is all about. There was also 12 time winner and Delta Speedway track champion, Lucas Mauldin, and a host of others representing the company.

Reigning Clay Cup Champion Cash Lovenburg led the charge with an outstanding and perfect route to the main event. He went from dead last in his heat race to the victory. He followed it up with fourth to first in his qualifier, and took a perfect score to the pole of the main event.

Jett Barnes had nearly just as perfect of a route. He went from sixth to second in his heat, won his qualifier from fourth, and landed the outside of row one for the main.

Garrett Benson led yet another outstanding route to the Saturday feature. He climbed from eighth to second in his heat. He as well started his qualifier from fourth and made it up two spots to the runner up spot and put himself in the third starting position for the biggest race of the season.

Before the 20-lap, Saturday night feature, even dropped the green flag, it was a standout week for MCR Engines. It was the dream one has when they envision the direction of a company.

And then it was showtime.

When the Saturday night feature rolled around the entire 20 lap bout became an MCR advertisement as their drivers never relented he top three positions.

This is the official Press Release written by Brian Hulbert for the Tulsa Shootout on the Jr Sprint main event. –

“In Junior Sprints, Jett Barnes picked up his first career Golden Driller. Taking the lead from the right of the front row with Cash Lovenburg in tow. Caution early, the pair were inseparable with Lovenburg looking at the lead on Lap 11. Not able to complete the pass, the No. 21 worked back into Barnes’ tire tracks as traffic came into play on Lap 14. Three-wide through traffic, the two California racers navigated the hub with no more than a pair of car lengths separating the two. Caution on Lap 17, two attempts at the restart saw Barnes able to hold off the charge of Lovenburg by 0.181 seconds. Garett Benson, Levi Hillier, and Lathe Griggs completed the top five.”

From the beginning it was a banner week for the brothers from Bakersfield. Not only did they win, or go 1-2, nope, it didn’t stop there. Matt and Clay Dewing got to look on as Jett Barnes, Cash Lovenburg, and Garrett Benson, churned up the ultimate fruit of their labor – it was an MCR podium sweep.

The performance speaks for itself.

It’s not very often anyone who embarks in the endeavor of starting a company that this kind of success is achieved. The 1-2-3 finish at the biggest race in the world was a supreme validation of the work the Dewing’s have put into their craft.

People on the west coast have long been saying that if you want to win in Jr Sprints the first step is putting the MCR power plant under the hood.

After the 35th Annual Lucas Oil Tulsa Shootout: the rest of the world sees why.


MCR Engines is committed to delivering customer satisfaction, every time, all season long, and to each individual who calls.

At MCR Engines it’s not about who wins, – it’s about making sure they all have the equipment to win.

Contact MCR Today:

MCR Engine Development

3161 Pegasus Drive

Bakersfield, CA. 93308

Phone: (661) 399-3580

Fax: (661) 399-3584

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