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Turning Point – Foreshadow to the Delta Speedway Title

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider. Driver Exclusive- MADERA, Calif. (February 28, 2020) – > Returning to a site full of successful memories often brings good vibes.

Sometimes a favorite track has nothing to do with the layout, or the amenities. Many times there is no explanation for what makes a track a drivers favorite. They just get a good feeling when they cross though the gates.

That track for Logan Trevino is Delta Speedway. While Delta is the favorite of many drivers, Trevino has amassed quite a significant level of success at the San Joaquin County fairgrounds. Perhaps he even foreshadowed the moment he would seize his first career micro sprint title at the famed 1/7 mile oval. Perhaps the reason Delta Speedway resonates within Trevino so deeply is no mystery at all.

Perhaps it was a warm May night in 2018 that became the turning point for Logan Trevino and his micro sprint career.

It was May 19, 2018, Round 6 of the King of California Micro Sprint Series at Delta Speedway. The driver of the Prosperi/Trevino 7t hailing out of Madera, California, found his groove that night in Stockton.

In just his second season aboard a 600cc Micro Sprint Trevino had yet to find the success he endured in quarter midget racing. “Beast,” as he is known, came out of the quarter midget ranks with quite an impressive resume. Although, unknown to the Trevino’s at the time, Logan was thrust into possibly one of the deepest talent pools in California Micro Sprint history. With drivers destined for the professional ranks, sons of “blue blood,” sprint car legends, and numerous National Champions, the Restricted Ranks of 2018 were so stout earning a top ten was worthy of putting in your resume.

Logan Trevino however was, and is not, the kind to be satisfied merely running in the top ten. At Round 6 of the #KofC2k18 he jumped out to the forefront of everybody’s radar, and let his name be known.

Thirty-five Cars showed up to Race the restricted class that night. Of them, Trevino qualified 8th fastest. He moved from third to second in his heat Race and with the luck of an 8 car inversion he found himself starting on the pole of the main event. It was his opportunity to showcase what the micro sprint world had yet to see from him.

He did not disappoint.

He field took the green flag and watched the 7t disappear into the Stockton night sky. He ran flawless laps. He sliced and diced through traffic. Trevino seemed to be on the clear path to victory until a late caution waved.

Following the caution Trevino held tight but fell to the clutches of another central California driver. At the end of 25 laps Logan Trevino brought the car home second. It was his career-best finish at the time, and his first career podium. Although he may not have gotten the win, that night was a turning point for many reasons. From that point forward Trevino knew he had carved out a place for his own name amongst some of the most talented racers nationwide. That night gave him confidence, and it created a unexplainably good vibe for Delta Speedway. Above all, however, that night gave way to a tenacious charge to finish the job.

Desire may be one of the best qualities for any racer to have in droves. Desire, fortitude, and tenacity are all characteristics of history’s best race car drivers. After failing to bring the win home that night Logan Trevino was determined to close the deal under any circumstance. The stage was set, and the goal was clear, Logan Trevino was not going to be denied.

At the next race he got yet another podium. This time it was third but he had to charge two spots to get it. A few weeks later he got second again but passed five cars on his way to the podium. Then a couple races after that he passed six cars on his way to a third place. Trevino was stacking the deck in his favor and it was only a matter of time before he sealed the deal.

Finally, on September 1, 2018 Logan Trevino broke through. That night at Delta Speedway he earned his first career micro sprint victory. That night he set the stage for what was yet to come. He finished out 2018 6th in the overall standings at Delta Speedway but he was excited for 2019.

Last season Logan Trevino broke out early and often. He started his 2019 Restricted campaign at Delta on fire. He eventually went on to win three races, finish second six times, earn 10 podiums and 13 top fives en route to the 2019 Delta Speedway Restricted 600 title.

Today, Delta Speedway is Trevino’s favorite track and the sight of his most success. It was a warm May night in 2018 that propelled all of this to fruition.

Round 6 of the 2018 King of California Micro Sprint Series at Delta Speedway was the turning point for Logan Trevino.

Where does the champ go from here as he transitions into the Super 600 class? Follow along right here with the Driver Exclusive recaps on Sprint Car Insider and Prodigy Race Promotions for all the #Raceday and #Results on Logan Trevino as they happen during his 2020 campaign. That’s – @PRParmy on Instagram and Prodigy Race Promotions on Facebook. #PRParmy

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On Deck:

Budweiser Outlaw Nationals

Keller Auto Raceway at Plaza Park

Visalia, Calif.

March 6th-7th, 2020

Logan Trevino wants to cordially thank all of his sponsors and supporters – B&D Prosperi Farms, Florestone Products, AG Right Enterprises, Rocky Taylor State Farm Insurance, Madera AG Services, KP Spraying, Denis Prosperi Farms, Schafer Metal Stakes, Midland Tractor Madera, Lee’s Concrete, and KBL Farms. We would also like to thank Joey Galante Motors, Chris Rice Carburators, and Panoche Creek Packing, for their continued Support of his efforts and believing in him throughout his career. He says none of this could have been done without them, and he appreciates every ounce of support and effort from them all.

Overall 2019 Season Stats:

Logan Trevino #7t

Restricted 600:

Features: 35

Wins: 5

Podiums: 20

Top 5: 29

Top 10: 33

Heat Wins: 11

Quick Times: 3

Championships: 1

Overall Averages:

14 % win rate

57 % podium rate

82% Top 5 rate

95% Top 10 rate

2019 Delta Speedway Restricted 600 Champion.

Delta Speedway Stats:

• 16 Features

• 13 Point Races

• 3 Wins

• 6 2nd Place Finishes

• 10 podiums

• 13 Top fives

• 14 Top tens

• 4th place avg finish

• 66% podium rate

• 86 % top five rate

• 93% Top ten rate

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