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Torgerson’s Adapt Well in Oil Capital Clash Night One

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider – Driver Exclusive- TULSA, Okla. (March 13, 2020) -> Concern of catching the corona virus is taking a back seat to catching the slide or be slid mentality of Midwest micro sprint racing for Austin and Ashton Torgerson this week.

The brothers have made the trek back to Tulsa, Oklahoma this week to race at the legendary 1/8 mile high-banked Port City Raceway with the Lucas Oil National Open Wheel 600 series. This weekends event, three nights at Port City for the Oil Capital Clash. It’s been an immediate culture shock for the team thus far as it is a completely different style of racing back here. Austin and Ashton have quickly learned that racing at Port is no-holds-barred, take -no-prisoners, slide-or get-slid-into the fence kind of racing here in the Midwest.

Things happen quickly out here and no one holds anything back. However, once the two of them comprehend this was the way it is going to be, they adapted quickly.

Concerns of rain caused the team to for-go traveling out early and catching practice day. Therefore it was trial by fire for the boys. They were thrown to the wolves on night one and they came out of the fire with life. More than just life, they came out with confidence and excitement to improve further as the weekend progresses.

The mood around the camp right now anticipates vast improvements on night two. Not only did Austin and Ashton improve with every lap on the track last night, they actually enjoyed it. Things are looking very promising heading into night two.

It all got started last night with non wing heat races. There is no qualifying back here so once again it’s all about the combination of passing and finishing points. Austin went 6th to 6th in his non wing heat while Ashton went 4th to 5th. Both of them ended up in the B main which proved to be to their advantage getting more seat time on the track.

Austin started the non wing B Main from 5th with Ashton one spot higher in 4th. The two put the power to the ground and moved forward with that Midwest force. Ashton sliced and diced his way to the top spot with his brother following suit and getting into second. With those moves both advanced to the non wing feature.

Things went better in the winged A Class for both of them out of the gate. With a 2nd to 2nd run in his wing heat Ashton advanced strait to the main. Austin advanced directly to the main as well with his run from 6th to 4th. Both brothers continued to improve every time they hit the track.

Main events didn’t look quite as good on paper but they gained valuable experience. First in the non wing main Ashton was able to climb three spots from starting 15th to finishing 12th. The highlight of the weekend so far may have actually been Austin’s charge in the non wing feature. He took the flag from 17th and methodically climbed seven spots to take the checkers inside the top ten with 10th.

The wing main event wasn’t quite as climactic but the driving was. Austin started 14th and finished 13th. Ashton slipped back from 9th to 14th but what they learned out on the track may be the biggest key moving forward.

Action from Port City and the Oil Capital Clash is just about to get underway here for night number two. Be sure to follow Torgerson Racing on Facebook and Prodigy Race Promotions for all the details and updates in real time. Night two will tell the tale of the Torgerson Brothers adopting that Midwest Micro mentality. It’s a slide or be slid world out here. How will they fare?


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On Tap:

Friday – March 13, 2020Oil Capital Clash Night 2 – Port City Raceway. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Saturday March 14, 2020Oil Capital Clash Night 3 – Port City Raceway. Tulsa, Oklahoma

Quick Results:

Austin Torgerson

Port City Raceway

Oil Capital Clash Night 1

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Non Wing:

Heat Race 6th➡️6th

B-Main: 5th➡️2nd

Main Event: 17th➡️10th


Heat Race 6th➡️4th

Main Event: 14th➡️13th

Quick Results:

Ashton Torgerson

Port City Raceway

Oil Capital Clash Night 1

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Non-Wing 600

Heat Race: 4th➡️5th

B-Main: 4th➡️1st

Main Event: 15th➡️12th


Heat Race: 2nd➡️2nd

Main Event: 9th➡️14th

Ashton and Austin Torgerson and all of Torgerson Racing would like to cordially thank all of their sponsors for their continued support, and belief in the program.

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