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Fuson Proves to be a Force at Dixon

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider. Driver Exclusive- BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (May 27, 2020) – > Brody Fuson was able to turn the single fastest lap time in both the non wing and Super 600 main events Sunday night at Dixon Speedway.

Unfortunately, after leading a good portion of the super 600 main event some late race misfortune relegated him back to the tenth position. In the non wing main, early night setbacks left him surging from mid pack to reclaim six positions and bring home a top five in that feature.

With preseason schedules realigned after the covid-19 hiatus, Brody Fuson made the trek up to Dixon Speedway last weekend off the cuff. After being out of the race car over two months and plans of climbing in the USAC West Coast midget series on hold, Fuson made the long drive from Bakersfield to Dixon to finally get some kind of racing under his belt. The hiatus came at a tough time for Fuson as he was reeling off his first career super 600 win and a weekend full of top tens at Plaza. However, it did not take him long to find that signature Fuson speed.

Night one of the Dixon Doubleheader went green on Saturday night. Once again, Fuson brought both the wing and the non wing cars to double his chances at success. He was able to turn in fifth quick in the super 600 division while scheduled to go out 47th in non wing there is no posted time for that run. In the Saturday night heats Fuson brought home third in both of them.

Things did not play out in Fuson’s favor on the non wing side of things Saturday night as circumstances lead to a DNF. However, the 51 is proving to be a formidable force in the Super 600 Division. After 25 laps in the Super 600 main event Brody Fuson charged 6 spots from 11th to take home a valiant top five finish.

Sunday night saw more of the same speed from Fuson with the wing on but he also came back to life in the non wing class on Sunday.

He ran 14th in super 600 Qualifying and 17th in non wing. Fuson took home his first checkered flag of the weekend with the super 600 heat race win that landed him in the dash. He beat the field in the Super 600 dash and earned the pole for the Sunday night 25- lap super 600 feature. In non wing he took third in his heat and went to the main with the 11th starting position.

Fuson appeared to be the man to beat in the Super 600 main. He jumped out to the early lead and held the advantage up until lap 12. That’s when he relented the lead in lapped traffic before the caution waved and chaos ensued on the restart. The trouble cost Fuson a shot at the win and left him vying for the 10th position. But it was Fuson in the 51 who churned up the single fastest lap time in the 25-lap super 600 feature.

In the grand finale of the weekend Fuson came to the green of the non wing main event from the 11th position. Much like night one in super 600 Fuson was flyin again. He clawed and scratched his way into the top five eventually earning the fifth position. Once again it was his speed that proved to be superior. Matching his success of fastest single lap in Super 600 Fuson pulled off the feat in non wing competition as well.

Fuson proved to be the fastest car on track in both the non wing and super 600 features on Sunday night at Dixon. Unfortunate circumstances kept him

From victory lane but the confidence picked up by showing that kind of speed may be invaluable moving forward.

There are still a lot of questions as to when other tracks and other series will begin to reopen so plans moving forward are far from set in stone. The next race scheduled to run forsure is June 6th back at Dixon Speedway. Will Fuson return to run for the victory that eluded him last weekend?

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BRODY FUSON and everyone involved with his racing would like to cordially thank: RacePa Motorsports, SoCal Automotive, Taylor Backhoe, P&D Machine, WE, and John Goldman, and all of his supporters for their continued support, and belief in the program.


Brody Fuson –

Dixon Speedway Race 3

Saturday May 23, 2020

Super 600

Qualifying: 5th

Heat Race: 3rd

Main Event: 5th (+6)

Non Wing 600


Heat Race: 3rd

Main Event: 19th (DNF)


Brody Fuson –

Dixon Speedway Race 4

Sunday May 24, 2020

Super 600

Qualifying: 14th

Heat Race: 1st

Dash: 1st

Main Event: 10th (fastest single lap)

Non Wing 600

Qualifying: 17th

Heat Race: 3rd

Main Event: 5th (+6) (fastest single lap)

2020 Stats:

Non Wing

Features: 4



Top 5: 1

Top 10: 3

Heat Wins:

Quick Time:

Super 600

Features: 4

Wins: 1

Podiums: 1

Top 5: 2

Top 10: 4

Heat Wins: 1

Quick Time:

2019 Season Headlines:

Brody Fuson #51

*New Lemoore Raceway Track Record holder – 11.217 set on 10/11/19

2019 Mark Hagopian Memorial Champion

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