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Torgerson’s Time – The Perfect Storm

Prodigy Race Promotions on Sprint Car Insider – Driver Exclusive- LEMOORE, Calif. (June 30, 2020) -> Some stories just write themselves.

Hollywood couldn’t have scripted a better scenario. It was the dream every kid has when he walks up to the make-shift home plate in front of the backstop at a local park. It’s Bottom of the ninth, bases loaded, down by three, full count, the fate of history lies in his hands alone.

From the time Austin Torgerson first strapped into a micro sprint, the goal has remained the same: emerge victorious amongst the best on a golden state field of oval dirt racing dreams.

Saturday night at Lemoore Raceway Austin set the stage to write his own story. After three nights of racing he entered the A Class finale down by a mere few points with the opportunity to steal the title in the final showdown. The catch? It was going to take nothing less than victory to emerge victorious and in true fashion of poetic justice, he would start side by side with his title combatant.

Now the focal points that lead to bringing this fantasy to fruition tick the clock back quite a ways. The evolution of the Torgerson’s goes back nearly two years to the week. When Torgerson Racing unloaded for Speedweek 2018, fresh out of very decorated karting careers, it was apparent the dirt would come with a very steep learning curve. It was then that both Austin and Ashton were enamored with the competitiveness of the California micro sprint scene. It was then where they learned there were no friends on the track, it’s slide or be slid round here. It was then that the dream was born – from that point forward their focus shifted to capturing the glory that comes with winning micro sprint races on the tracks entrenched in history and rich in prestige of California.

Fast forward to 2019 – Torgerson Racing decides to commit to coming to California on a weekly basis. From the announcement forward both boys make it clear that winning in California is the epitome of the goals.

And then disaster strikes for Austin…

Before even getting in the micro for the first time Austin’s 2019 California campaign is handicapped by a back injury sustained in the mini monster truck. For much of the early season he is sidelined from racing and forced to watch. Many worried that it would hurt his confidence. For a while it did. Then things started to click.

As 2019 came to a close Austin Torgerson quietly built his confidence back up with strong performances on big stages. Week by week Austin was showing himself he had what it took to be a formidable contender on the California beat. One of his most key moments plays a foreshadowing role in this story: The Cal Cup.

Austin was a brand new man at Lemoore’s curtain closer. He dropped jaws with his new found friendship with the top of the racetrack. The momentum of cal cup took him into the offseason with a head full of steam. In fact, he got close to his first win in November. Only to be denied in devastating fashion. It only made him hungrier before he followed that up sustaining solid runs at the shootout against the best in the world and came home to open up the flood gates.

The 2020 season kicked off like a movie montage for Austin. He won here; he won there, Austin was winning everywhere. Whether it was wing or non wing, slick or saturated, it didn’t matter, the driver of the 88 was a different animal. However, he still made one thing clear – all that mattered was winning over here.

Austin Torgerson has never taken his eye off of the main goal – winning in California.

Fast forward to Dixon just a few short weeks ago. Austin is on fire. He is undoubtedly the man to beat. Everything appears to be lining up in his favor when the unthinkable happens.

Just when he’s met his inner animal the very thing that everyone feared most comes true. Austin sustains his first violent crash since coming back. It was bad enough to warrant an ER visit and leads those around him to worry if it will hinder his confidence.

That was the question on everyone’s mind, would he return the same?

The answer?

⁃ A resounding yes! Austin returned to the cockpit for covid cup lights out.

After two consistent rounds at Dixon and Plaza Austin enters the finale at Lemoore in contention for the title. The stage for this showdown couldn’t have had a better venue. Following last years Cal Cup Austin’s affinity for Lemoore has been unquestionably high, and it showed.

He started the night off by setting quick time in the stock class. He went from fourth to third in his heat and left the field reeling after a dominant dash performance. Now, it all came down to the main. Austin starts pole, second in points starts second in the feature. If he latches to Austin’s coat tails no matter what he does in the 88 it may not be enough, but fear not, another player enters the picture. All Austin could do was focus on the win. If he wins the cards be that as they may. Winning would mark the fantasy coming to fruition. He’d be forever in the history books as a winner in California.

It’s all on the line. First vs second for all the marbles. It’s a last chance show down, man vs man, may the best man win. Fate is now in the hands of the man who holds the wheel.

As the field paces into turn three and the anticipation is about to come to its breaking point i say, “These are the kinds of stories that write themselves.”

“Well let’s hope we’re on the right side of history,” – Danny Torgerson.

The green flag drops and it’s ON. Austin holds the lead through turns one and two doing a good job anticipating the moves from second. As the race progresses the moment comes. Second tees up Torgerson and pulls the trigger. For a brief moment it appeared that Austin may be the bridesmaid in this one as he slightly lost ground. But then there’s a caution.

The field bunches back up and wouldn’t you know who’s now in the fourth spot and moving quickly. It’s the 02 of little brother Ashton Torgerson and he’s steam rolling. The green flag drops again and Austin makes his next move in the chess match, going back to the lead. As he appears to make the necessary adjustments to prevent being passed once again another bright green and black TR car is asserting his role in this feature. Ashton was on a roll and movin hot. From all the way back in sixth he made his way up to third to become a formidable foe to his brothers title combatant. He was actually more of a real sharp thorn in his side. He gave second all he could handle before eventually landing the haymaker. This battle allowed Austin to slip away. The battle furiously continued into the mid and latter stages of the race as the two became obviously fixated on each other and Austin sailed away.

But like any good Hollywood movie it wouldn’t be the same without a final stand. Cautions near there end of the race put all the pressure back on Austin as it could all be for not. He would have to execute flawless restarts, and hold the field at bay if he wanted that checkered flag. He did it once. He gave everyone a scare the second time. But the third and final restart of the race he put his head down and showed the field he was in a league of his own Saturday night.

Austin rounded turn four in the Torgerson Racing 88 A Class car to capture his first checkered flag in the state of California at the inaugural West Coast Covid Cup finale. He did it. Box checked, Austin won in Cali but everyone’s attention was behind him. Ashton battled with second in the points and their battle allowed fourth to catch up and enter the mix as well. This is where the title was on the line. As this three car battle rounded four the biggest move of the event was made as Mattix Salmon pulled the trigger and snuck by the 21 on the way to the checkers and effectively gave Austin Torgerson the Covid Cup title.

It was a valiant run by both Ashton and Austin, one they’ll never forget. As much as anyone with brothers knows how tumultuous that relationship can be; these two proved to be quite a formidable force Saturday night. The win may have highlighted Austin and his journey to this point, but he made it clear he couldn’t have done it without his brother. The two have pushed each other to the depths of the earth. While both of them want to win, and it a win came between the two of them, sorry mom, all bets would be OFF, one thing is forsure, they know they are a team.

They might yard sale the fleet to beat one another – but if it comes down to one needing a brother, Saturday night they proved Torgerson bro’s got each other covered.


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Austin Torgerson

Saturday June 27, 2020

Lemoore Raceway

West Coast Covid Cup Finale

Non Wing:

Qualifying: 13th

Heat Race: 4th

Main Event: 6th (+4)

A Class Wing:

Qualifying: 1st

Heat Race: 3rd

Dash: 1st

Main Event: 1st


Ashton Torgerson

Saturday June 27, 2020

Lemoore Raceway

West Coast Covid Cup Finale

Non Wing:

Qualifying: 4th

Heat Race: 5th

Main Event: 8th (+4)

A Class Wing:

Qualifying: 7th

Heat Race: 1st

Dash: 6th

Main Event: 5th* (Penalized two spots)

Ashton and Austin Torgerson and all of Torgerson Racing would like to cordially thank all of their sponsors for their continued support, and belief in the program.

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