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About Sprint Car Insider

Sprint Car Insider is the exclusive print division of DIRT CO MEDIA HOUSE.

Sprint Car Insider also hosts the content of Members represented by Prodigy Race Promotions. Focusing on Brand Management and Professional Public Relations, Prodigy Race Promotions leverages the most effective means of communication to make your brand stand out from the pack naturally.

Every ounce of content is produced to have a natural fit and blend in seamlessly. By following the traditional practices of journalism with precision, accuracy, and integrity, your own personal P.R will stand out from the rest while being indistinguishable from a natural story.

Sprint Car Insider is a growing News Platform covering Sprint Car, Midget, and Micro Sprint racing from across the nation.

Reporting breaking news, behind the scenes coverage, and driver race reports, Sprint Car Insider is dedicated to bringing you the news as fast as it happens with precision and accuracy.

We are the official source for breaking news, first class features, and insider information covering everything from Jr Sprints to the World of Outlaws.