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Adult rpg maker games, Japaneses baby seek friend for adult rpg maker games

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Mod note: I am allowing this discussion on the basis that all participants understand that this is a PG site and that the discussion must remain in compliance with that. I feel that this discussion can be had in a manner appropriate for this forum, as I've seen it to a small extent in the status updates. However, this thread will be closely monitored and if necessary, closed without warning.

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Forums :: The Job Board. Posts s: 1. Hi, we're looking for someone who's had some experience with Pixel Art and is interested in working on an adult-themed RPG. Project Status: The game is still in an early stage.

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We have a good idea of what we want to do and where we want to go. As a result, you can only help out here and then on occasion. Mirak Stand back. Artist at work.

I paint with enthusiasm if not with talent. Mirak View games View playlists Close. Including giving the pixel artists a legal method of contact in order to ensure that neither you nor your buddy profit in any way without giving the artists their share. Also could you elaborate a bit on what you mean with "the point where there is actual financial support for the game"?

If you're talking about patreon support, what kind of prerequisites need to be filled to reach that point? Are there any points below that milestone that involve receiving funds to which the artists have no claim to? A bit more info on that very delicate matter would be very helpful, considering this is in your words an ambitious project, and pixel work is quite possibly the heaviest load in an ambitious MV project.

Applicants also will want to be sure to know exactly what they're getting into, which you can only get if you look at their de doc.

18+ rpg maker game

I was wondering why the description of the game was so vague on this. So my tip is to look for someone who'd be a dedicated team member with equal importance to you. Once that happens, we intend to establish a legally binding contract with with all team members. The revenue share or payment, however, is very much based on the degree of involvement. As the different roles outline, we're flexible in what time commitment someone can put in, but whatever isn't done by that person has to be done by us which is what we're currently doing. The most important thing to keep in mind is that there are never any guarantees.

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Especially not with indy games. Teams can disband, projects can fail, artists can decide to leave and take their art elsewhere, interest of the community can end up lacking. If you're looking at it from a financial point of view and are interested in working on the project for merely financial gain, it's difficult to end up happy. After a few months you decide to leave. That's why I especially want people to have goals of their own, so even if someone jumps in, realizes it's not something they want to do or more work than they expected, they can still leave feeling they gained something.

I think that's probably what everyone who has a particular section he works on thinks.

18+ rpg maker game

Or drawing full-body busts, CG pictures etc. Ambitious RPG Maker projects are always work, in every aspect. The game does actually not involve corruption-sex, it's rather that Ren can choose what kind of sexual encounters to engage in seducing people in quests for gains, or romancing party members, etc.

The description isn't kept vague to veil things, it's to keep the overview brief so people don't die by wall of text. For a game with fully custom assets, including tilesets, including own character sprites on a new standard, etc. I'd agree that it's a huge amount of work. But as I adult rpg maker games above - if you want quality, everything becomes a huge amount of work.

There's an actual story that plays an important role, and we're putting a lot of effort into a combat de that goes beyond "press the attack button". It's more a party-based RPG with a full-blown story that features sexual content in addition to everything else.

Asset-wise, we've bought tilsets that allow for non-RTP maps and we're using for standard non-main characters a generator base I've worked on with others at the end of last year that allows improved Dark-Fantasy characters to be created in moments.

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So we won't have a fully unique entirely new-created asset-base specific to the project, and there are ways to not have to draw everything from zero. Ideally, the pixel artist would be interested enough in the game that he can work as a full team member - which also entails other work beyond spriting. Currently, the pixel sprites we need are relatively limited at this stage compared to other stuff that needs to be done. But as I keep saying: money shouldn't be the motivating factor.

Games never take off on patreon like a rocket, someone who needs or wishes for compensation would, even with a sizeable share, probably jump off the moment they realize making games is not bathing in a money-pit but a lot of labor for something you have to like and wish to see realized.

Otherwise they'll jump ship the moment they realize how much work it is - or if they feel the patreon isn't making them enough money. Any skilled artist can get a much more stable, much more reliable income by seeking actual employment. This isn't deviantart mate.

Unfortunately you won't get many chances to teach or "inform" us about how much effort goes into making an ambitious project because as it turns out, most of us already know. You'll find more uninformed and inexperienced people in THAT forum. These aren't revolutionary takes for anyone here.

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You're trying to equalize and place all tasks and positions inside a project of this kind and magnitude at the same altitude. They're not. But what does this mean for the artists who are active in the group? Experience is NOT compensation.

Or are you saying you'll pay in "experience and exposure" unless the first milestone is reached before they drop? Let me be more explicit and direct.

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EDIT: I apologize if my words are coming off more aggressive than I intend them to be, but many sentence structures in these replies are giving me a vision of red flags. I hope you don't mind if I restructure the post a little to best respond.

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That's not really my goal. My goal is to be upfront about what kind of work can be expected, and what would be expected of a pixel artist. The truth is - 5 months in - pixel art has been workload wise one of the lower concerns. Part of that is because we're working with assets we bought, and don't go looking for the most work-intensive thing to do, and I can't judge your experience in game development - but the one we're working on requires a lot more than pixel art.

So anyone intent on ing the project and believing that they're going to be the cornerstone of it is going to be in for a surprise that will probably not go over too well. Thinking: the pixel art is the defining thing is, at least for our project, simply far removed from the truth.

Not invested, but interested. If you're thinking: I have nothing to do, I could do some work there but I don't quite care about the game, then you're not the guy we're looking for.

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Sometimes people look at some high income patreons and just think: I'd like a slice of that. Reality rarely turns out that way and I'd rather not have people who don't like creating a game that straddles the fence between full RPG and erotic game and tries to combine the best of both.

That's my share. I've been working on this project for 5 months. Just to put this in perspective. Do you think that pixel artists will think that working the next months for a total of euro is going to be worthwhile pay?

That's okay, I'm glad you're asking questions interested people might want to know. Liberty RTP Princess.

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Liberty View games View playlists Close. Quite frankly, I doubt you'll find any decent artists to such a large undertaking without the option of at least some sort of recompense. People with skills can easily make money elsewhere on other commissions and see a better payoff than the maybes you present.

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And get more respect for their creations, too. I'd recommend you take this to forums that aren't as well-versed in how game development works and the effort required to create great work - which is what you're after.

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You're after completely custom work for your game and that can drive costs up into the hundreds, if not thousands, if you paid someone who isn't described by you and others as 'a hobbyist pixel artist'. Sorry, your posts just reek of entitlement. You're not asking for a few poses or edits. You're not asking for a few icons.