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Adult text adventure game, I liked look adult text adventure game girl that loves slappers

Still can have great audio and visuals, though! Suggest updated description.

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Age: I'm 39 years old
My sexual orientation: Shy male
Tint of my iris: I’ve got bright green eyes
Sex: Female
Hair color: Golden
My body type: My body features is quite plump
What is my favourite music: Rap
I like: Singing
Smoker: Yes

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I started off playing Zork on my Apple ][, long long ago. Moved on to Infidel first game I managed to complete and Enchanter. I became totally addicted to text adventure games although I played a lot of Wizardry toospecifically the Infocom games with their wonderful parser.

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The benefit is that only the z-code interpreter had to be ported to a new machine, and all the z-code games would immediately be available for that machine. As such, Infocom games ran on just about every machine of the time. Of course, a lot of people, myself included, tried to reverse-engineer the z-code interpreter.

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I managed to break the copy protection In Apple terms, the game was not very hard to crackand I disassembled parts of the interpreter, but that's about as far as I got. Eric Smithon the other hand, did the job properly.

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Nowadays, you can get a z-code interpreter like Frotz and download new z-code games to get an idea of what it's all about. About 10 years ago Activision re-released most of the games in two volumes, the "Lost Treasures of Infocom".

I managed to snag volume 1 at the time, it doesn't have the feelies but it does have maps and clues. You can still find these on the net and on eBay.

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Some of the games are also available for download.