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Rail Of Death 4 4. Beautiful Lovers 4.

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Love Death 4: Realtime Lovers is part of a long-running series of adult games that have quite the cult following. As you would expect this is the fourth game in the series and it was released in This would be followed up by a final game in the series the following year and since then the series has not been heard of. Ok people, I am not sure I have the communication skills to tell you exactly what the hell is going on with the story in Love Death 4: Realtime Lovers.

Let me try and give it to you the way I saw it. The main character is a guy called, Haruyoshi Sakurai and he has lost his mum and dad and now he is going to live with his aunt who used to be a wrestler. Things get weird when Haruyoshi and the family end up running into grim reapers, one of which a cute young girl ends up developing a relationship with Haruyoshi.

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Look, this game is weird and you could ask someone else to give you their interoperation of the story and it would be completely different from how I saw it. Nope, I am not talking about the antics that you get up to with that cute grim reaper girl.

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The game has some of the jerkiest movements that I have ever seen in a 3D game. This game looks like it was made in Microsoft Paint. If you see still pictures of Love Death 4: Realtime Lovers, you probably think that the visuals are ok and in still images they are, but in motion, it is very rough.


I was actually quite impressed that there are two game modes to play here. You have a story mode that sees you moving things forward with the conversation.

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This does give the game a bit of a visual novel kind of vibe, but you are free to walk around in 3D, you can find items, talk to people, and so on. Most of the time, I was just wandering around, talking to people until things moved along. The Free Mode is actually way more fun. There are five different areas in the game and you can travel between these any way you want. You can just explore, collecting items, and taking it all in.

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The story mode made pretty much no sense to me, but just screwing around and doing what I wanted I was having way more fun. I am sure that Love Death 4: Realtime Lovers and the series, in general, has a group of die-hard fans, but for me, the whole game just fell kind of flat.

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It felt like it needed a few more months in development as it is so jerky and rough to play. Plus, the story made no sense to me at all.

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If you want to play this, I would recommend that you just mess around with the free play mode. Browse games Game Portals.

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Love Death 4: Realtime Lovers. Install Game.

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Click the "Install Game" button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. Locate the executable file in your local folder and begin the launcher to install your desired game. Game review Downlo Screenshots Overall rating: 7. Download Love Death 4: Realtime Lovers. Lewd Island. GameFabrique

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