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Friends, drinks, and some cool party games. What could possibly be more fun? Hosting an adult game night is super fun. Game nights give adults a chance to let loose and socialize.

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Offcuts is an adult visual novel about a young man returning to his home town after living elsewhere for a few years. While adapting to his new life he encounters both new people and old acquaintances he ly had to leave behind. How the story progresses and ends will be up to you, the player.

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The game is actively developed and free for all, but my Patreon supporters receive extra news, early releases and other bonus content not available otherwise. Visit my Patreon for more details and latest news, some of it is available to everyone.

Offcuts v - cg gallery unlocker & scenes mod download

Log in with itch. Almost an entire year in between updates and I was even thinking of subbing to the devs patreon if there were updates, but wow a whole year that tells you the game is never getting finished. A very enjoyable game!

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Too little choices tho, reading so much is annoying after a while. I love the pictures and animations tho!

A garbage game that is aging like molasses. After 3 years this only has a handful of routes that are rewrote copies of the offcuts game. Sex scenes are an absolute quagmire of terrible. Story isnt even that good, something for adolescents, so not like the only quality it really had left is enough to carry this massive failure to greatness. The total neglect and lack of maintenance has already rendered this thing a relic of the past.

Only the patreon fanboys still care about it. Nearly 4 years in development. Look how much is actually done with this game, going on two years for the still pending update. Patrons should petition to get their money back.

All they have been doing is just paying for text updates the last two years.

And it will stay in development for an endless of months with a variety of excuses while the dev continues to drag his feet. Sure hope he doesn't fall over them.

lovely lady Nala

The dev posts his usual rewrote monthly text update and then paywalls everything else. The interesting thing is even though his patrons like to say he pauses payments each month, why would he even need a paywall if that was the case?

Or maybe I'm the only one that smells this steaming pile? This developer never had a clue what he was doing. He spends years working on a partial update rather than release incrimental updates along the way. I hope this guy doesn't think he will seriously ever be able to turn a profit on this, he entertained the idea of putting it on Steam, because he has already murdered his reputation.

I say it is more likely just a form of lip service to keep what few patrons he still his left. Ugly and oversatured visuals, ugly characters.

damsel housewives Isla

Tried twice and deleted. Zero replay value. Highly overrated game. This is another forum where nothing ever gets updated and patrons show up to run their usual " his Patreon" scam.

It's important to know so as to not waste any time on this garbage. What a surprise the masses no longer want this neglected pile of trash.

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Bro are u stupid as fuck? Bro think again before u fucking Comment on something. I know ur mad because u getting scammed by him but don't comment on the characters bro they cute as fuck and nothing can change that Especially stupid fucks like you. The storywriting is just plain bad and it is a visual novel. When doing the Amy route, the MC Cole suddenly has no clue how to talk to a girl or how to interact with her, then even needs the help of another girl when it comes to having sex with Amy.

I guess the intent was to make the MC funny and witty, but the end result was a offcuts game clueless idiot.

Offcuts v - cg gallery unlocker & scenes mod download

So the fact that anyone could say this has a great story behind it is just offcuts game there. No one is attracted to bad art that looks like it was a grade school art project drawn up by a bunch of children. I see some child got a gold star in class participation.

The graphics are all kinds of bad. Characters are deformed. Not like the story makes up for it either. This is an entry level adult novel at best, if you havent played them before and if you have, it's almost comically bad. This basically needs to be retagged as a PG13 game as that what the story is geared toward. The lewd content is just a point blank tragedy, just remove it and call it a SAFE version. This game is clearly abandoned.

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What is even worse is the corpse of this dev is using it to continue draining funds on Patreon. I pity anyone stupid enough to still be actually paying this unemployed loser of a dev.

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He claimed on f95zone that Covid was hindering development. Offcuts game dev has a record of dragging his feet with updates and if Covid really actually did impact anything, looks to me like the smart thing to do would be to pick back up and grow. He already has some patrons, while not anything to write home about, it would easily grow and have some income. But instead, he wants to sulk and make excuses. No wonder he is unemployed. He is just lazy, lacks motivation and isnt interested. The whole thing with Covid was just a convenient excuse. He promises updates month after month but never delivers anything.

If it actually takes 2 years to produce a decimal update, then hard pass on that game. Far more properly maintained and offcuts game better games and VNs out there. Covid aside, updates for this thing were a rare occurance, at best. I dont see Covid as having any ificant impact on anything related here.

Covid really shouldnt have been an issue for the developer, as its obviously only one or two people working on it, I think anyone even with a laptop could make this awful game. I deleted this a long time ago. Alice was the worst girl IMO and that is what he spent the last 2 years working on and we havent seen anything about it. That means to get an actual update we will wait have to wait an additional 2 years while he drags his feet again. Screw that.

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Not worth it. This is the story in this game: parents die, go to school, run into thugs, deal with thugs in some stupid way, and you might end up with the girl in the end. No variation, no nothing. Sex scenes are also ridiculous and trashy. All I can say is no amount of editing will fix this garbage game, doesnt even deserve to be fixed as its got absolutely no progression. I usually like to give games a offcuts game before I decide to bail. The developer should take a lesson from games like A House in the Rift, Wartribe Academy, etc to make a good story. How many times do you all get promised updates?

Compare that with how many times you actually get one, and then tell me why you think it isn't folly to even acknowledge anything that comes from this guy's Patreon anymore? It is worse than Donald Trump's twitter feed.

Pyyntöäsi ei voi käsitellä

He lost all credibility the last literally several times ranging from over a year ago to, well, now again I guess. Is this thing finally updated and playable? So far just promise after promise. The dev is starting to sound like a Donald Trump broken record with all lies and empty promises the but the dev is a major rip off con artist to his patreons but they're obviously fools anyway I suppose. Notice how the dev used "a few months".

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Does he think people are actually waiting around on tenterhooks for this thing? Same thing will happen before when a few months lapse and lets say he does manage to actually update anything, is anyone even going to be interested at that point as crappy as this guy has been? Considering this hasnt been updated since around fall of and now how has a trash rating on practically every site, why has this piece of junk not been removed? It is very obvious that the dev finally tossed his garbage aside. This site needs to take out the trash. Anything by Patreon you access by paying a monthly fee to the maker is called paywalling.

This dev has even paywalled his "monthly update" which is just a bunch of regurgitated garbage from the months before. The problem with this is you could be paying these devs for the next several years offcuts game never see the game completed.